Therabeans work effectively and are in use in many places

TheraBeans® (US Patent No.: 7.001.313 )

TheraBeans are a highly effective training tool for the entire muscles of the foot and lower leg, hand and forearm, easy and very efficient to use.With a simple sequence of exercises, the musculature is trained without the risk of overloading.The mechanical friction of the TheraBeans during displacement, the two matched sizes and the smooth rounded surface create an almost direction-neutral resistance, which means that during the exercise period there is almost no load-free phase.Due to the pronounced sensory feedback, TheraBeans are also suitable for psychomotorics and tactile perception.It is particularly fun if, for example, puzzle pieces, marbles or small objects have to be hidden and retrieved between the TheraBeans.Other games for promoting visual perception and fine motors, such as patterns (re-) lay, seek target snippets or theraBeans hidden in kneading can also be performed.

Areas of support: Muscle training, Rehabilitation of muscle weakness, relaxation, stimulation of blood circulation, metabolic increase, massage, sensomotor exercises.

Areas of application: Therapy, autotherapy, rehabilitation, orthopaedics, neurology, sports training, psychomotorics, sensomotorics, massage, tactile perception.

Therabeans for therapy and home

Therabeans for kindergarten, therapy and home

Exercise muscles and balance, relax, come to rest:This is just as important for children as for adults.For people with and without need for therapy.Here you can Buy Therabeans and you Traumschwinger choose.Therabeans for training the muscles and a resting area with Traumschwinger and Seat bag for children belong to a basic equipment in kindergarten and ergotherapy.With this inclusive play and therapy requirement, you can make the time spent together pleasant and supportive..

Therabeans für KindergartenTherapiebedarf Therabeans

From bean box to contemporary therabeans

Do you know the good old bean box?Many children love to put themselves in a large pan filled with beans.They can observe the matte shimmering surface of the field fruits and feel the gentle pressure on the whole body when they move carefully.It is even better for children to find a hidden toy or to fill the beans in different small bowls.The children do not even notice how they playfully strengthen their muscles and develop their body consciousness.So that you don't have to neglect the contemporary hygiene standards during the game, you can Buy Therabeansyou can wash and disinfect easily in the machine. Therabeans are made of high-strength plastic.With their long life, they are a sustainable therapeutic agent.

Therabeans work effectively and are in use in many places

Therabeans strengthen muscles and body feeling

Our Therabeans train the muscles quickly and effectively without overwhelming them.You can Buy Therabeans, which are provided as an entry-level set; and Treatment beans for kindergarten and therapy that you can fill yourself in matching containers.The entry set Therabeans serves to strengthen the muscles of hands, feet, lower legs and forearms.Beans are in shape and size matched to intense muscle training.If you are slowing your hand in the Therabeans push filled containers, then a resistance is generated.It acts on your hand from all sides and is thus almost direction-neutral.The training is easy, however it is for the muscles by the constantly acting Therabeans never load-free.It supports muscle strengthening in this way intensively and quickly. Therabeans also offer a beneficial massage effect with noticeable sensomotoric signals.The beans can be heated to 50° C.

Therabeans stärken die MuskelnWo Therabeans eingesetzt werden

Where Therabeans are used

As mentioned above, serve Therapy beans in kindergarten popular sensomotor exercises.Fulfill your original purpose as a therapy requirement Therabeans in surgical and orthopaedic departments, in rehabilitation in muscle weakness and various neurological diseases.Our Therabeans in the entry set you can use sports medicine for strengthening foot muscles and for complaints from Achillessehne.For people after surgical treatments and with a need for support, Therabeans are a gentle yet pleasant therapeutic agent.

If you want to buy Therabeans, look right at us for suitable products

Order therapy beans for kindergarten

Therapy beans in kindergarten you will help the child:

  • to train balance
  • feel your own body
  • feel safer and more confident
  • develop a healthy self-confidence
  • Play and fun with the Therabeans to experience
  • by relaxing the pleasant massage effect

To improve body consciousness and tactile perception of children.Both play an important role in the healthy formation of spatial orientation, in the sense of muscle tension and tendons and movement.

Muskeltraining mit Therabeans

Important not only after muscle training: Get to rest

Anyone who sets out new stimuli, experiences themselves and trains the muscles, needs places of rest and retreat again and again.With a seat bag for children or one Traumschwinger you can meet these needs in a pleasant and healthy way. Traumschwinger you will find Kinderschwinger to the extra-large set.Of course you can also buy the appropriate accessories from us.The Traumschwinger is a float with a mesh of certified organic cotton that keeps you gentle and safe.The braid is made so that it adapts to your body, but the individual fibers retain their shape.

As therapy requirements, therabeans meet in surgical and orthopedic departments

These advantages can be Traumschwinger offer

  • it is suitable for young and old, people with and without disabilities
  • a Traumschwinger supports the perception of your own body
  • he strengthens equilibrium
  • the Traumschwinger you can use for lying and sitting
  • the Traumschwinger relieves the spine

If you're the one Traumschwinger uses to allow your body to relieve pressure, to rest or to release everyday life, you can look forward to a period of security and deep relaxation.The soft cotton net is great for common moments of mother and child and is like our extra-large sitting bag popular for reading in kindergarten and at home.

Set up a rest area with the children's seat bag

One Seat bag for children you can find us in different sizes to make your room flexible for every need.We offer you a seat bag XL for the cozy reading hours alone or two.The Seat bag for children is available in different versions.It is comfortable and gently supports the body.Our seat bags are ideal for kindergarten, therapy and home.

With us you can buy therabeans that are provided as an entry-level set

Exercises with Therabeans

The exercises can be carried out with the help of an exercise poster and the instructions of therapists.The simple, repeating movements are gentle and at the same time calming.Many of our customers want for home Buy Therabeans.We recommend it as a support for muscle weakness training and to increase self-perception.

Übungen mit TherabeansTrainieren mit Therabeans

Train with Therabeans

Give children or adults with Therabeans & Co the space to feel your own body, gently strengthen the muscles and train the senses.Nothing is more beautiful after the stimulating exercises than to find a gentle swing to rest.Here you can find out what Therabeans why a seat bag gives security and that you can nowhere better chill than in Traumschwinger.That goes even two

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Therabeans, Traumschwinger & Co support the body and development in a variety of ways.They act effectively, are uncomplicated in use and are inviting to their users.Look at our different Traumschwinger, a Seat bag for children and Treatment beans for kindergarten and ergotherapy.Our products are carefully produced and selected.We value games and offers that inspire young and older people, people with and without need for therapy.In our online shop for games and therapy needs, you will find a lot of what supports you, your child or your supporters in everyday life and gives you well-being.You want Buy Therabeans, but have any questions, just write us a message.