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Massager for therapy - a proven approach.

Massage & Vibration

Massagegerät für Therapie

Massager for therapy - Development promotion for children

A Massager for therapy can be an important part in promoting children and children with disabilities in many ways. During the last few years, the importance of specific massage equipment in childhood medicine and care for children with special needs has become increasingly important. How to help Massager in therapy primary to promote the physical and sensory development of children. Aside from the massage equipment there are also other tools such as ergonomic writing aids or Vibrating pencil therapy. In the following we would like to show you what possibilities are due to Massager for therapy and the benefits of this for children.

Massage für Entwicklungsförderungskinder

Massager for therapy - a proven approach

The use of vibration as a therapeutic measure is not a novel idea. Looking back, we have been using massages for centuries to relieve pain, reduce stress or strengthen individual well-being. Due to this basis, a state-of-the-art therapy has developed over the last few decades, using specially developed devices with vibration technology.

But why is it above all Massager with vibration a valuable therapy device for children? The answer to this is simple: children are in a decisive phase of their physical development. Massagers with vibration can help to support these processes. In addition, children with special needs can Massager for therapy benefit, as sensory and motor skills often need to be targeted. A Massager with vibration is therefore a proven treatment method. What Massager for therapy Your child is highly dependent on the benefits to be achieved. Therefore, we would like to show you some of our products below.

Hochwertige Massagegerät

Massager for therapy - the most popular products

A high quality Massager with vibration, which equals several functions, is that adapted mini massager. This Massager for therapy is a device with three massage feet. Since it is simply switched on and off via a probe, children can even use it themselves and, in addition to the actual massage, also get an understanding of the cause-effect principle.

The therapy & fascia role is another Massager with vibration, by means of which the loosening of the musculoskeletal system takes place. Because of their shape, it can be used for different body parts and thus effectively helps to release tension.

Kuscheltier mit Vibrationen

Finally, we would like to introduce you to our cuddly animal, the Henne Frieda. Although at first sight it is a cuddly animal, it is in truth a Massager for therapy. With the help of the tightening mechanism, you release the vibrations inside. By using appropriate toys, you can train your child in a playful way in tactile perception and improve his skills in this respect.

Massagegerät mit Vibration

Massager for therapy - influences on development

A Massager with vibration can bring different benefits that help your child develop. How to create Massager with vibration fundamentally gentle and soothing vibrations that help reduce stress and tension. Especially children with anxiety disorders or emotional challenges benefit. Vibrating therapy can also alleviate pain in children, whether due to muscle tension, growth pain or chronic diseases.

The influence on blood circulation is also not irrelevant. A Massager for therapy of children stimulates blood circulation, improving the oxygen supply of muscles and tissue. In the long term Massager for therapy thus accelerate the healing of injuries and promote general well-being.

Children with sensory problems also benefit from a Massager for therapy. The sensory stimuli of the vibrations can help regulate the nervous system and reduce or increase the sensitivity to touches - depending on your child's individual needs. Relaxing Massages with vibration before going to bed are also a promising measure, thanks to which your child can sleep better. Of course, parents can Massager for therapy use to loosen tensions and find better in sleep.

Vibrationsstifte Therapie

Vibrating pencil therapy - promotion by ergonomic writing aids

If you want to promote your child consciously and work together with him on sensory and motor skills, the Vibrating pencil therapy an important step. Especially children who want to attend school in the future benefit significantly from the work with the pen. This is made possible by the fact that ergonomic writing aids are designed to support and promote correct writing. This can help prevent muscle tension, abnormality and long-term damage to wrists and fingers or reduce the risk of it.

Vibrating pencil for therapy - the advantages at a glance

  • Promoting the right writing
  • Improved precision engine technology
  • Increase in writing comfort
  • Inclusion of children with disabilities
  • Promotion of writing motivation
  • Support for learning difficulties

Vibrationsstift für bedürftige kinder

In addition Vibrating pencil in therapy, by improving the fine motor skills of children. Due to the gentle vibrations that are transferred to the hand, sensory stimuli are imparted - without the writing being impaired. The right attachments allow you to adapt ergonomic writing aids to the needs of your child and increase writing comfort. Ergonomic writing aids are therefore also advantageous for children with disabilities. Larger handles or special mounts ensure that children's restricted sensory or motor skills can better guide the pen.

Ergonomische Schreibhilfe

Treatment with massage equipment and vibration pencils for children and children with special needs

A Vibrating pencil for therapy should ideally be used early in school to promote a healthy writing technique of your child. However, you should always be guided by the individual needs of your child and choose the writing aid.

A Massager for therapy is a valuable tool in child medicine and care for children with special needs that promotes physical and sensory development. The use of vibrations as a therapeutic measure has a long tradition and modern massage equipment with vibration technology are particularly effective. In some cases it is therefore quite appropriate to Massager for therapy combine children with another to benefit from all the benefits. Make sure that your child is getting used to the devices slowly, so that it takes the resulting benefits.

There are different Massagers for therapy, reduce stress, relieve pain, promote blood circulation and improve sensory processing disorders. In addition to massage equipment we offer ergonomic writing aids that promote the correct writing and fine motor skills and provide better writing comfort.


Here is a little help to buy:

Is vibration massage healthy?

In the case of correct application Massage with vibrations bring about health benefits. The vibration massage promotes the relaxation of the muscles. Muscle tensions can often be dissolved as a direct result of such a treatment. This is done by loosening the muscles and thus promoting blood circulation. Better blood circulation also means that more oxygen and nutrients are transported to muscles and tissues, which promotes their health and function.

The use of vibration massage also releases endorphins, i.e. hormones that are stress-reducing and pain-inhibiting, in the body. As a result, pain can be temporarily relieved. Endorphins are also called lucky hormones, which is why increased production has positive effects on mood.

How many times a day should a massager be used?

A flat-rate answer to the question cannot be met. When and how often Massage with vibrations is reasonable, depends on several factors. These include in particular the physical condition and individual needs.

In most cases, however, it is sufficient to achieve the desired effect using the vibration massage by massaging the place to be massaged every two days for about 15 to 20 minutes. If it is a massage device that primarily serves to relieve pain, a daily application can be useful. In any situation, it is advisable to take the duration and intensity of Massage with vibrations to discuss with a doctor or physiotherapist.

What areas can be conveyed with vibration and massage devices?

Vibration and massage equipment are useful in many ways to improve well-being. They help to relieve muscle tension and reduce stress. As a result, general well-being increases. Thus they help not only with physical complaints, but also provide mental relaxation.

Another area in which vibration and massage devices have proven useful is the use for pain relief. Vibrations and massages can reduce pain, be it caused by muscle tension, injuries or chronic pain, such as back pain or headache.

A regular Massage with vibrations increase the flexibility and mobility of joints and muscles. This is primarily advantageous for people with limited mobility or joint problems.

To the last Massage with vibrations even to promote sleep quality. Relaxing massages before night rest help to relax the body and thus improve sleep quality.

How can vibration and stimulation devices promote the development of children?

Vibration and stimulation devices can be helpful in the development of children in different ways - especially in children with special needs or development delays.

A massage with vibrations supports sensory stimulation. The resulting stimuli help to develop and improve the child's perception. In addition, vibration devices for massage can help strengthen body perception by communicating the understanding of movements.

Children and persons with disturbances of coarse and fine motors can also be Massage with vibrations benefit. The use of vibration devices allows motor skills to be improved. Especially in children with developmental delays, applications may be useful and troubleshoot motor problems. Some massagers are also designed to promote balance and coordination.

Are vibration pins helpful in concentration disorders?

Sometimes the use of vibration pencils helps to promote the concentration of children. Corresponding products are used at different points. Vibration pins are first a good way to increase the attention of children by tactile stimulation. Due to the vibrations that the children perceive with their sense of touch, they focus better on writing.

Vibration pins can therefore be used, among other things, to direct the focus of the child to specific tasks. This is especially important in children with attention deficits or hyperactivity. The use of vibration pencils often leads to better focus on homework or exercises at school.