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So vitality and joy of life return to everyday life

Those who constantly sleep badly pay a lot of quality of life. Often it helps Buy weight blanketthat lets the body and mind come to rest. The Treatment blanket looks like a pleasant hug and brings back the joy of life. One Ceiling for better sleep - can that work? Yeah, sure. Weight blankets help to fall asleep faster and also take positive influence on the low sleep phase. In any case, it is a good idea to Buy weight blanket, if in the evening the head simply does not want to turn off or make worries and fears fear the next morning. The heavy therapy blanket also relieves different types of pain and promotes faster regeneration. All you need to know before you decide, one Buy weight blanket, in the following text.

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The ceiling for better sleep: What exactly is a weight blanket?

As the name suggests, a weight blanket is not a normal bedcloth, but a weight blanket. This weight results from the fact that the filling of Treatment blanket usually consists of small glass beads. Make sure you take a look Buy weight blanket want these glass balls to be sewn into small chambers carefully. Only in this way can they not slip inside the ceiling and the weight is evenly distributed over the body. Originally, the weight blanket was developed to keep the fear and stress away from very nervous people at night.

Buy a weight blanket to improve the associated sleeping problems.

Buy weight blanket: How does the therapy blanket work?

As mentioned, the pressure generated by the weight of the therapy blanket on muscles, joints and tendons has a relaxing effect. Researched scientifically, this gentle and at the same time strong, uniform pressure under the name "Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation" is synonymous with gravure pressure-leading stimulation. An effect such as occurs briefly also in an intimate hug. The body feels calm and feels guarded. Negative emotions are hidden.

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What complaints is it worth buying a weight blanket?

One Buy weight blanket, always makes sense if you want to significantly improve your sleep quality. The heavy Treatment blanket supports the natural "turn off" of the thought carousel and lets the nervous system shut down faster. Evidence extends Ceiling for a better sleep the so important low sleep phase that the body needs to recharge its batteries. But you should also think about it, a Buy weight blanket, if you complain:

  • pain in joints, muscles and tendons,
  • diffuse anxiety states,
  • overnervosity,
  • panic attacks,
  • Depression.

Many therapists also recommend buying a weight blanket for pronounced illnesses such as Alzheimer's, ADHD, Autism and Tourette.

What should I look for when I want to buy a weight blanket?

Weight blanket is not the same weight blanket - there are enormous qualitative differences. Before taking care of the details, however, you have to decide how big the Weight blanket you buy should be, and above all how hard. The usual dimensions are 135 cm x 200 cm or 150 cm x 200 cm. The weight of yours Ceiling for a better sleep should be about 10 percent to a maximum of 15 percent of your body weight. For the first time Buy weight blanket want to orient yourself better at the lower percentage. In any case, a Buy weight blanketIt consists of breathable cotton. The pleasant and skin-friendly material also ensures a balanced sleep climate. Be sure to make sure, as already mentioned above, that your therapy blanket contains a filling of glass beads, which are sewn into small chambers, best with cotton.

Buy weight blanket: Need special bedding for the therapy blanket?

The answer to the question whether the heavy Treatment blanket requires a special bed cover, is a clear jein. In principle Ceiling for better sleep of course in a normal relationship. This, however, is quite laborious because of the weight first and, secondly, very ineffective because both of them slip each night against each other. If you are Buy weight blanket therefore choose best for special covers for the Treatment blanket. They can usually be opened on three sides with a zipper and have on the sides aprons linked to the existing loops of the weight blanket. How to stay ceiling for better sleep in the place they have planned, and also in the morning still look neat and correct.

Should you buy a weight blanket bearing the OEKO-TEX certificate.

Can I also buy a weight blanket for children - or better not?

Also for children you can Buy weight blanket, but the child should weigh at least 20 kilos and have already celebrated his fifth birthday. In the small ones, the choice of the right weight is the ceiling for better sleep particularly important: it may not exceed ten percent of the body weight. Weight ceilings for children can significantly improve body perception and take noticeable, positive influence on development difficulties, overstimulation, forced and anxiety disorders. Before buying the ceiling for better sleep However, it makes sense to consult the pediatrician.

Buy weight blanket: Can I wash the heavy therapy blanket?

Usually it is completely sufficient to wash the cover of the weight blanket. Almost every Weight blanket you buy can, however, also be cleaned in the washing machine at 30 degrees, sometimes even at 60 degrees. However, make sure that the washing drum is designed for the weight of the therapy blanket. Most manufacturers also recommend a very low spin and air drying.

If you want to increase your vitality, you should think about buying a weight blanket.

Buy weight blanket: For a relaxing sleep and more joyful living

One Buy weight blanket, is always a very good decision when poor sleep impairs the quality of life. The heavy Treatment blanket lies like a protective coat around body and mind. The ceiling for better sleep promotes a sinking of the stress hormone level, can relieve pain and acts soothing and destressing. Your sleep quality improves noticeably and you can start the next morning full of elan and vitality in a new day.

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Buy a weight blanket

The uniform pressure exerted by the therapy blanket on joints, muscles and tendons acts on the body soothing and protecting. This pleasant "complaint" is the main reason for the decision, a Buy weight blanket. Because the protective effect subconsciously lasts all night, the weight blanket is often synonymous as Ceiling for a better sleep denotes.

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Who decides to buy a weight blanket

However, it still benefits from a further positive effect which the Ceiling for a better sleep with. The feeling of security and safety generated by the gravure pressure causes increased production of the happiness hormone serotonin - and at the same time leads to a throttling of the stress hormone Cortisol, so that its mirror drops significantly. In this balanced situation, the body pours out the sleep hormone melatonin. One Buy weight blanket, is therefore the first consistent step to be able to sleep faster and sleep more peacefully and deeper. The Ceiling for a better sleep is also a ceiling for a well-launched and fitd life next morning. If you want to increase your joy of life (again), you should think about it, a Buy weight blanket.