Cushion for neck Traumschwinger - Dimensions: 40x21cm - Material: kbA cotton, kbA Kapok

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Not only a colourful accent, but also an additional comfort gain.

Relieve your cervical spine with the adjustable neck cushion, which ensures plus relaxation.

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Not just a color accent

Our neck cushion is equipped with a counterweight. You simply put the pillows and weight-connecting fabric over the head edge of your dream vibrator and the pillow remains where you want it. The high-quality cover is made of robust and controlled organic cotton, filling with natural capok.

The outer cover has a Velcro closure so that you can decrease and wash can. The metal rod functioning as a counterweight can also be removed for washing by means of a Velcro fastener.

The inner cover of the cushions is also sewn from an absorbent cotton fabric from controlled organic cultivation. This is provided with a zipper so that you can fill Add to wish can.

The inlay cushion is filled with natural capok. The Kapokfiber is not treated – even after harvest. Every single pillow is lovingly filled by hand.

Product information:

Dimensions: 40x21cm
Cover: Organic cotton (kbA)
Filling: Kapok from controlled organic cultivation (kbA)


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