SafetyFoot «Trekkingschuh» – für maximale Mobilität trotz Gehhilfe

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The SAFETY FOOT - your first "Trekkingschuh" for walkers.

It convinces with robustness, slip resistance and stability and ensures greater mobility and flexibility on any substrate. Easy assembly on any common walking aid makes it an ideal companion in everyday life and leisure. Whether on smooth floors or in uneven terrain, the SAFETY FOOT feels at home, thanks to its innovative geometry and carefully selected materials.

The attractive and sporty design of the SAFETY FOOT enthusiastic, while its extreme load capacity is guaranteed by extensive tests and continuous improvements. Stay on top quality and safety.


Mature technology: Available individually or as a pair, in the color black in two different sizes (S, M), the SAFETY FOOT fits perfectly to your needs.

Longevity: Glass fiber reinforced plastic parts and stainless steel ensure maximum longevity, regardless of the weather.

Solid construction: Metal components made of stainless steel and glass fiber reinforced plastic parts provide maximum loadability with minimal weight. Each SAFETY FOOT can carry up to 200 kg.

Safe hold: The special material selection and design of the sole guarantees maximum slip resistance, even on wet and slippery surfaces. The flexible rubber joint in the upper part of the SAFETY FOOT ensures secure grip on uneven terrain and supports the ergonomic rolling of the walking aids. The unique geometry ensures uniform weight distribution and prevents sinking on loose or soft floors.

  • Selection: '
    Sizes: "S" 16 – 17 mm / "M" 19 – 20 mm
    Available: Single or as a pair

  • Suitable for: Footrests and walking sticks


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