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Balance snake - neon green "small" 4kg - 170 cm quartz sand

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Balance means keeping the whole body in balance, which promotes concentration and body coordination. Our heavy snakes of "Beluga" can be even more! They can be pulled, worn to wrap the abdomen or placed on the lap, and playfully support the proprioception.

  • Each snake is manufactured in manual work with the highest quality standards to 100% in Germany.
  • The material is a breathable special textile in honeycomb form.
  • The filling consists of hygienic quartz sand.

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The balance snakes of "Beluga" are suitable for children and adults who want to try and balance.

The colourful colors bring fun and good mood. The stable open structure of the special textile stimulates the receptors of the skin, especially of the soles of the foot. The weight balance snake is a great toy for children and adults to improve their balance and coordination.

Each balance coil is produced in manual work with the highest quality standards in Germany. The breathable special textile in honeycomb shape and the filling of hygienic quartz sand make this snake a high-quality and durable product.

Tip: The weight snakes are available in different, further lengths and colors and can be combined perfectly to create a varied course that can be adapted repeatedly in difficulty. The rules of play can be set together with the children to promote creativity and free thinking.

The balance snake is a functional toy.

Please note the instructions for use attached to the product and the following warnings:

  • Use balance snakes exclusively under supervision and purpose!
  • The balance snake could be placed around the neck and thus lead to injury or strangulation.
  • store in a safe place, outside the reach of children (see point 1)
  • keep heat sources (e.g. laptop) and open fire away from the sand snakes
  • do not use if there are health complaints that can be deteriorated by weight and pressure.
  • check all seams before use. Filling can escape by overexerting seams.
  • use Do not make the balance snakes on or in the water, there is the possibility of drowning
  • Pay attention to closed and seams before each use and check the product for damage before any use.


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