Narrative board - scheduler - incl. 12 blank cards each approx. 11.5x5.6 cm for free design

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With the narration board you can easily display procedures and by pressing a button on 6 buttons (11,5x5,6cm) to be retrieved. The board can be placed on a work surface or can be suspended as required. Each keypad can record an image and a 10 sec sound recording. For example, you can tell stories, create schedules or represent recipes.

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With its 6 compartments, the board offers plenty of space for creative ideas. In each compartment, an image can be inserted and to each image is space for a 10-second sound recording, which can be easily played by pressing on the image.

So prepared, the narrative board can be a good help through individual images and sound recordings - making structures visually and acoustically tangible.
All-day processes, such as recipes, schedules, task lists and short stories, can be easily implemented with the story and narrative board and can then be queried step by step.

With its handy size of 11.5 x 56 cm. and an image size of 7 x 8 cm. the board is also suitable for mobile use.

Due to the rather large images, which at the same time are probes for the sound recording, the narrative board is also suitable for users who need a little more support in targeted controlling objects.

6 blank cards are already included.

This versatile board can be attached to the wall as well as easily placed, just as it is needed.

Scope of delivery:

1 narrator board - scheduler incl. 12 blank cards for free design or as a template.

Needs 3 x AAA batteries (not included).


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