NEW Bigmack Communicator - Multi-Color - Probe diameter: 127 mm• Trigger force: 113 g• Language memory: 120 seconds.

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Recording device BIGmack for a communication of a maximum of 2 minutes.

The new BIGmack contains all the great features you have learned and loved from the original BIGmack, but now also improvements that make operation easier.

Read all the improvements and even more of the new BIGmack in the main description:

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The new BIGmack offers the following advantages: - New delivery with four probe surfaces in red, yellow, green, blue to change - including Snap probe cap - massively improved sound quality

The BIGmack is a proven standard aid in communication initiation. During triggering, the feeler returns a stored speech message or a noise. The notification can be reopened at any time and adjusted to the situation. Thanks to its large surface available in different colors, the BIGmack is particularly suitable for people with visual and cognitive restrictions. With this aid, adapted toys can also be controlled.

• impact and break resistant plastic
• External probe can be connected
• Built-in adjustable speaker
• large sensing surface; 4 probe surfaces in different colors to change
• including Snap button cap

Technical details:
• Probe diameter: 127 mm
• Triggering force: 113 g
• Language memory: 120 seconds
• Power supply: 9V block battery(not included in delivery )


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