Motorik bamboo “Acht”
  • Motorik bamboo “Acht”

Motorik Acht - Material: Bamboo wood - Dimensions: 47x20x3cm

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Learning toys for training eye and hand motors, for peripheral vision as well as the right-left coordination. Motorik Acht from bamboo, improves perception, promotes the connection of right and left brain halves, increases concentration and is therefore ideal for reducing stress and learning blockages in children and adults.

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Through different applications, the game can be adapted to the respective needs and interests. The Motorik Acht is made from bamboo in high quality incl. 3 large wooden balls. On the web, the balls can be pushed - or freely balanced on one of the differently machined sides.

One side is to be played more slowly by tuck milling - on the other side the balls run faster over the ball track due to smooth processing. In order to promote oral muscles and for speech development, light polystyrene balls can also be sprayed over the web.

With this article, fun and variety come into play! Everyone likes to...

Motorik Acht, incl. 3 coloured wooden balls

  • Size approx. L 47 x B 20 cm x H 3cm
  • Material: Bamboo wood
  • Age: 3+

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