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  • Weight ceiling - Beautiful dreams
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Weight ceiling

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More than 90% of users report better sleep

A blanket like a hug

According to the principle of low pressure contact therapy, the weight ceiling can help reduce chronic stress, but also anxiety.

Children and adults feel more depth and can relax better and thus improve your sleep quality.

The weight ceiling is made of soft cotton with environmentally friendly glass bead filling, which are evenly distributed and noise-free.

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Effect of weight ceilings
A weight blanket works according to the principle of gravure pressure agitation therapy, with which chronic stress, but also anxiety can be reduced.

Deep sleep
The weight blanket helps to fall asleep faster and deeper.

reduce stress
Studies show that using a weight blanket can lower the cortisol level in your body.
A sense of security. Many people report an increased sense of safety as the weight blanket feels like a pleasant hug.

Knowledge value:

What weight should I choose?

• There are several factors that determine the correct weight of your ceiling. We recommend a weight of 10-15% of your body weight. A person weighing 70 kg should therefore select a weight blanket weighing 7 kg.

• If you suffer from severe sleep disorders, often move during the night or have already experienced a weight blanket, we recommend you choose a heavier blanket.

• If you are older, suffer from joint, neck or back discomfort or the like, we recommend a lighter ceiling. If you suffer from a slight sleep disorder, you can also choose a lighter ceiling.

• Before testing the ceiling, please consult your doctor. In case of a disease, your condition could deteriorate by using a weight blanket. Even during pregnancy, you should first consult your doctor.

Product information
Color: White
Size: optional 135cm x 200cm or 150cm x 210cm
Outer material: 100% cotton. Each weight blanket is sewn in a diamond pattern of finest cotton.
Internal filling: Glass beads and a thin polyester layer
The weight ceiling is OEKO-TEX® certified

Care instructions
Machine wash (max. 60°C)
We recommend low spin and hang up to dry

Optionally suitable for our weight ceilings"The NAP Lab Ceiling cover"
The cover is specially designed for our weight blanket. With the three-sided zipper, the cover can be opened so far that you can get the weight blanket without much effort. In addition, the cover on the corners is provided with cords which can be attached to the loops of the weight ceiling in order to avoid slipping. Made from finest cotton with a thread number of 300 TC. Of course you can also use a classic bed cover (135x200cm or 150x210cm).

Outer material: 100% cotton. Each weight blanket is sewn in a diamond pattern of finest cotton. Inner filling: glass beads and a thin polyester layer The weight ceiling is OEKO-TEX® certified

Reference for duvet size 135x200cm

Reference for duvet size 150x210cm

Designed in Sweden

The NAP Lab

Data sheet

13 % cotton - 73% glass beads - 14% polyester. Of which: 100% cotton
Machine wash 60°C. We recommend low spin and hang up to dry

Nie mehr ohne die Gewichtedecke

Für unsere Tochter wurde uns diese Decke von ihrer Therapeutin empfohlen. Das war wirklich ein guter Rat, denn unter dieser Decke wird sie ruhiger, kann sich gut entspannen. Unsere andere Tochter hat auch schnell die Vorzüge für sich entdeckt. Zuächst ging die Decke reihum, mittlerweile haben wir drei dieser Decken. Das Gefühl unter der Decke zu liegen, ist mit nichts zu vergleichen. Ich empfehle jedem, die Decke zuhause zu haben.

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