Classic weighted blanket 30 x 70 cm - 2 kg

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The Beluga Sanddecke is the perfect solution for people with sensory perception disorder.

The weight and pressure of the ceiling provide safety and orientation in space and can help with motor and mental unrest, as well as stress conditions.

  • Small weight blanket - particularly flexible

The small weighting ceiling is optionally longitudinal or transverse with washed quartz sand filled.

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The Beluga-Sanddecke is the heart of Beluga-Sandtherapie and has been developed specifically for people with sensory perception disorder.
The weight and uniform pressure of the ceiling provide a sense of safety and enable the brain, by feedback of the nerve cells, to be oriented in space.

Whether as a cozy lap blanket, cuddly blanket for toddlers, as a leg or arm complaint when relaxing or as a practical accessory for different games - this small blanket is the perfect companion for your everyday life.
Let yourself be Versatile of this weight blanket inspire!

The "Beluga-Sanddecke" can help with motor and mental disorders as well as tensions as it exerts a soothing effect on the body. In this way, sleep disturbances or unrest phases can also be positively influenced. The applications are versatile and include, for example Stress, ADHD, autism, trisomie 21, mental and physical disabilities, stroke, watch coma patients, beginning or advanced dementia and cerebral paresis as well as diseases of the central nervous system.

The "Beluga-Sanddecke" is suitable for allergy sufferers as it consists of high-quality and tested raw materials. The special action is regularly tested for skin compatibility at the Institut Fresenius.

Please note, that weighing ceilings should not be used as conventional coverings. They should be used in limited time and used in combination with a regular ceiling to achieve maximum effectiveness.

For an optimal therapeutic effect, it is important for the brain to "learn" by sensory stimulation. An indication of the body weight is therefore not a meaningful criterion when selecting the weight of a ceiling. The muscle tone is the decisive factor. The weaker the tone, the less weight should have the ceiling and vice versa. A high body mass does not automatically mean that a higher weight is also required.

All products in the field of sensory therapy have the goal of regulating the muscle tone and transmitting important information to the brain by stimulating the deeper nerve ends in the skin.

Let us advise you! Since the topic is very complex, we recommend a personal consultation to ensure that you find the best possible solution for your individual needs. We are happy to provide you with any questions and can also provide you with an expert in your area if necessary.

With a Beluga ceiling you will receive a lifelong guarantee of the durability of the seams and guarantees high-quality, German processing.

63-100019 bis 63-100020

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