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Catchme ( first attempts with mouse control) Software

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Our tip for first attempts with mouse or button on the computer!

„CatchMe 2.0“ ist ein aus der Praxis entstandenes Programm, das sich hervorragend zum Erlernen der Verwendung der Computermaus, aber auch zur Diagnose eignet. Das Programm wurde für Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsene entwickelt, die den Umgang mit der Standardmaus oder einem alternativen Eingabegerät erlernen und trainieren möchten.

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‘CatchMe 2.0’

The aim of the program is to control elemental mouse functions.

The program offers a range of exercises with different materials and simple mouse games. The degree of difficulty can be optimally matched to the user. In addition, CatchMe 2.0 is very well suited as a diagnostic program and when finding suitable mouse or mouse replacement device. More neutral surfaces also appeal to adult users. Additional games complement the exercise modules and make fun.

Operating systems
Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000

Demoversion 14 days download for free:
CatchMe 2.0


This learning program is available in various licenses.

  • 1st licence
    The purchase of a single-place license entitles the operation of this software on a computer. After a one-time installation, the program is executed only when the original CD-ROM is inserted. The copyright determines, inter alia, that the program must not be duplicated.
    It is allowed to install and use this single-place version on any number of computers, with the restriction that the original CD-ROM must be inserted in the matching CD-ROM drive to operate the program.


  • 2er - 5er license
    When a 2nd or 5th license is purchased, two or five individual CD-ROMs of the ordered program are delivered depending on the order. The installation and protection regulations correspond to those of the single-place license.

  • Multi-site license on USB stick
    The purchase of a multi-site license entitles the installation and operation of this software on any number of computers. Only a multi-place license of the respective program can be purchased per registered order address.
    With the multi-place license, the program is delivered together with a special code licensed to the order address. With this code, the entire content of the program is installed on the respective computer or on a server. This allows the parallel operation of the program on any number of computers without the original CD-ROM having to be inserted in the CD drive. Installation or use at addresses other than that of the order address is not permitted. When installed on a server, the program access via Intranet is permitted by computers of the order address, access via Internet is not permitted in any case.

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