ARK ́s Tips and Techniques for the Z-Vibe and Z-Grabber Vibration Pens - Dimensions: 21.6x14cm

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Tips and techniques for the vibration pins of Ark Therapeutic
This detailed reference book, written by Debra C. Lowsky, explains how you can use the vibration pins and attachments of Ark Therapeutic in a sensible and targeted manner.

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This 60-seither, spiral-bound book contains many detailed illustrations and descriptions that explain how to optimally use Ark therapy tools.


  • Improving perception
  • the lip movement
  • the classification and stability of the jaw
  • the dissociation of tongue and jaw
  • the increase of the tongue
  • of tongue-lateralization
  • the tongue shell
  • of feeding
  • the oral hygiene
  • of problematic chewing and biting behaviour
  • and much more!

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  • Dimensions: 21,6x14cm

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1x Tips and Techniques for the Z-Vibe and Z-Grabber Vibration Pencils (Language Selectable / Made in the USA).


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