NEW BIG Step-by-Step Multicolor - 3 levels. Recording time 4 minutes. Diameter button: 12.7 cm

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The new BIG Step-by-Step contains all the great features you have learned and loved from the original BIG Step-by-Step, but now with improvements that make operation even easier.

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Improvements to the new BIG Step-by-Step include:

  • Reworked battery flap with toolless locking mechanism that ensures that the flap remains in place when the device is in use, but is easy to open when you need to replace the battery
  • The soft touch coating ensures additional grip when holding the device
  • Stronger and easier to use mount

The BIG Step-by-Step is the simplest and most effective method to send sequential messages to a user. Record a series of messages on the BIG Step-by-Step and you are ready to start. In different stages, you can record up to three different sets of sequential messages that you can use distributed over the day.
The BIG Step-by-Step is perfect for telling a story, counting or telling a knock-on joke. The possibilities for using a BIG Step-by-Step are endless.

BIG Step-by-Step Features:

  • Better digital sound than ever, loud enough for almost any environment
  • Three recording stages with a total of four minutes recording time on the device
  • 25% more battery life than older versions
  • Contains red, yellow, green and blue attachments as well as a transparent snap cap that holds an image symbol on the device
  • Needs a 9V battery (not included)

Product details:

  • Several notifications
  • 3 levels
  • Recording time 4 minutes
  • Diameter button: 12.7 cm
  • Triggering force 142g
  • Incl. Button caps in the colors: blue, green, red, yellow
  • Battery: 9-volt block (not included)

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