Water column incl. wooden base and decoration float fishing - Material: High quality Plexiglas, beech - Dimensions: 130x39x39cm

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The ascending, sparkling air bubbles in the water column are always fascinating. The LED colour changer creates beautiful color effects.

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The decorative water column lets the fish dance. The water is immersed in various colors by the automatic LED colour changer and supplied with the Fish set the inhabitants are already included. The water column has a Height of 130 cm and Diameterof 10 cm. The clear water column sits on a titanium-colored foot made of plastic so that colors and movements can be reproduced as best. In addition, the luminaire has a modern LED technology that is characterized by high light quality and energy efficiency. Compared to conventional halogen bulbs, up to 80% of the energy costs can be saved. In addition, LED light sources have a long service life, produce less heat and protect the environment.

Water column 130 cm high, diameter 10 cm, width 21 cm, depth 21 cm, weight 1.62 kg, incl. RGB color changer, power connection 230V, cord switch and floating fish set for decoration. Body made from plastic, column made from plastic in transparent clear, hand made from acrylic multicolor.

Wooden base in beech wood, screwed, 39 x 39 cm, 19.5 cm high.

Total height including wooden base 132 cm.


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