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Bundle (Pictogenda 2023 METACOM + AnyBook audio pen)

The bundle consists of Pictogenda and the AnyBook audio pen. The annual weekly calendar with pictogram stickers, aimed at all who can understand images more easily than spoken or written language, can be used both as a diary and as a scheduler. Three verifiable audio codes for the AnyBook Reader are already available for every day in the Pictogenda and thereby enable uncomplicated use e.g. as a speaking diary.

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The Pictogenda offers an overview for every week, in which all daytimes are represented by pictograms. The weekdays have a fixed color as well as a separate symbol and also the holidays and monthly names have fixed pictograms. Dates and activities can be entered using the associated pictogram stickers. The Pictogenda is often used individually and can be taken daily to school or work.

With the AnyBook Audio Pen up to three recordings can be made per day, which can be replayed at any time and permanently. Thus, events can be concreted, for example. There are no limits – an experience can be described verbally or a pictogram glued alongside the audio code can be covered with a noise.

Please note that the AnyBook codes from 2021 “650950-652167” will be reused in 2023.

Tip:Many Pictogenda- Owners also make their own photo stickers.
The blank label sheets required for this can be found here


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