Belucare protective cover for Beluga sand covers

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Protect your valuable Beluga sand blanket with our practical protective covers made of high quality belucare textile. Reduce cleaning costs and enjoy optimal comfort.

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Our protective covers for Beluga sand blankets are the perfect solution to protect your valuable sand blankets from contamination and to extend their service life. Thanks to the high-quality belucare textile, they are particularly robust and resistant, while they still feel comfortable as cotton. The material is disinfectant-proof like a smooth surface and viren- and bacteria-proof, so you can enjoy optimal hygiene at any time.

A further advantage of the protective coatings is their simple handling. Our covers are put over the sand blanket like a bed sheet and, thanks to the hotel closure, no disturbing zippers are necessary. So you can protect your sand blanket quickly and easily at any time and do not have to do any expensive cleaning work.

The belucare textile is also waterproof and permeable to vapor, which ensures particularly high comfort. Even stubborn soiling cannot affect this reference. Most dirt can be easily washed off and the covers are even cook-resistant and easily consist of a 134° steam sterilization.

We offer our protective covers in three different sizes so you can choose the perfect fit for your sand blanket. Choose our protective covers and enjoy maximum comfort and optimal hygiene at lower cleaning costs.

  • Skin sympathetic as cotton
  • Disinfection-proof as smooth surfaces
  • Viral and bacteria-tight material
  • Tear resistant and stable
  • Waterproof with a water column of 500 cm
  • Steam permeable for comfortable wearing comfort
  • Maximum hygiene at lower cleaning costs
  • Long life thanks to durable material
  • Prevents moisture and mold formation.


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