S(p)itzmouse Pia (52 cm long)

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The S(p)itzmaus - a wedge-shaped positioning aid for young and old that promotes a natural sitting position and improved posture. Ideal for cool sitting rounds at home, therapy sessions and toddler care.

52 cm long with a diameter of 10 cm in the front and 25 cm in the back.

Age recommendation: from 7 -12 years old

Tip: available in two other sizes.

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The S(p)itzmaus is the perfect solution for those who enjoy movement and want to adopt a natural sitting position. Due to its special wedge shape, it can bring about an improvement in body awareness, posture and hip position. Whether used as a positioning pillow or to stabilize the legs when lying down - the S(p)itzmaus can be used in many ways.

The wedge-shaped form can positively influence upright sitting. The gentle return to the natural squat-splay posture ensures that the pelvis is tilted backwards and the tailbone is "dropped" down-front. As a result, it gives way at the knees and the back rounds out. This posture promotes a "healthy" back and can help prevent the formation of a hollow back.

Whether big or small - the natural sitting posture is perceived as very pleasant and enables "sitting in motion". S(p)itzmice find their natural and optimal habitat especially in therapy sessions, sitting circles or in toddler care. The S(p)itzmaus is available in three sizes and therefore suitable for all ages.

Lea is 52 cm long and has a diameter of 10 cm in the front and 25 cm in the back.

Age recommendation: from 7 -12 years.

The S(p)itzmäuse are made in Germany with a high demand on quality and materials.


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Outer cover and inner cover can be separated and machine-washed or hand-washed at up to 40°. No spin, no dryer!

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