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Listen and feel music!

Discover our flexible sound solution – always ready to handle where a socket is

The Klangmobil offers a practical and decorative way to use "Klang und Vibration" mobile

Scope of delivery:

  • mobile wooden case
  • innovative Sound module "made music Vibration felt"
  • Multifunction amplifier
  • integrated speaker
  • SPK connection
  • USB stick
  • Connection cable for MP3 & CD player

Controlable via Bluetooth, USB stick (included), MP3 or CD player.

Learn more about the sound module [the sound module)

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Discover our sound module, the ultimate instrument for targeted relaxation and well-being. With its compact size 30 x 30 cm can be easily integrated into any room and offers versatile applications.

The sound module is designed to specifically solve muscle tensions, contractors and spastics and to promote deep relaxation. Simply connect to a stereo system with a power of at least 30W RMS, and you can already enjoy the beneficial vibrations that are transmitted directly to your body.

Use the sound module for general relaxation promotion, for example by placing it under a seat bag or using it in other convenient positions. The vibrations penetrate deep into your body and let you forget everyday stress.

In addition, the sound module is a perfect addition to Sense trolley comfort! Combine the two products for an even more intense and comprehensive relaxation experience. Create your personal feel-good oasis where you can enjoy music, sound and relaxation in full.

Discover You can experience the diverse possibilities of our sound module and how it harmonises your senses and enhances your well-being. Let yourself be pampered by the sensitive vibrations and immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and regeneration.

Treat yourself to the well-deserved time and let the sound module become your loyal companion for relaxation and enjoyment. Whether for targeted relief of tensions or as a general relaxation tool, our sound module will always be at your side reliably.

Experience the unique connection of music, vibrations and relaxation - with our high-quality sound module. Take care of more balance in your life and pamper body and mind with this exceptional relaxation method.

Material: Wood construction, cover made of clinical artificial leather. Magnetic technology inside!

Care: washable, disinfectable


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