Touchimals, dog Henry with cuddly voice - Color: light brown - Height: ca. 28cm - Material: polyester plush

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With the cute touchimal dog Henry, get your petting zoo right home.

Show your touchimal how you like it by gently brushing your head and back. The touchimal gives sweet sounds from itself to show you how nicely relaxed it is. At the same time, it also calms you when you caress your cuddly animal and hear its pleasant, whining sound.

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The touchimal was made in careful manual work. It is made of super soft polyester plush and complies with all EU safety rules, therefore it is also suitable for babies.

Product information:

  • Colour: light brown
  • Height: approx. 28cm
  • Material: polyester plush
  • Needs 3 AAA 1.5V batteries. batteries included
  • Suitable for babies

The delivery includes:

1x Touchimals, Dog Henry incl. Batteries

30-100011 (A)

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