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A series of innovative therapy aids developed for the special needs in oral, jaw, and facial therapy, as well as for a wide range of exercises to improve fine motor skills. Painting - Writing - Spüren - Understand.


ARK ́s Z-Vibe and Z-Grabber are two innovative tools for vibration massage in oral therapy. The vibration device is used to normalize sensitivities in the mouth area, in particular in oral therapy, and to improve a plurality of speeches and feeding disorders. The vibration pins can also be an excellent aid for a wide range of neurological applications, in particular when it comes to spot areas with and without vibration.


For extension, a variety of separately available additional attachments are available which are all interchangeable and compatible with the Z-Vibe and Z-Grabber.

ARK Therapeutic

ARK Therapeutic

ARK Therapeutic - Therapy Products and Aids for People with Special Needs

ARK Therapeutic is a renowned company specializing in the production of therapy products and aids for people with sensory and oral challenges. The company's products are often used by therapists and teachers, but also by parents to help children and adults with special needs develop their sensory and oral skills. Below we would like to show you what the products of ARK Therapeutic so special, what to Z-Vibe Set belongs and for which applications they can be used.

ARK Z-Vibe

ARK Z-Vibe - Vibrating pencil for improving facial and oral motor skills

The ARK Z-Vibe is a high-quality therapy tool designed specifically for improving facial and oral motor skills. This unique pen ARK Therapeutic has long since proved to be an extremely effective tool. It is used both by professionals and by therapists in health care. The aim is to: ARK Z-Vibe To support people with special oral challenges in their development.

In practice, the ARK Z-Vibe a handy therapy device designed in the form of a pen and operated using batteries. The Z-Vibe can be extended by numerous attachments, often in the classic ARK colours are designed. These colors primarily ensure that your child can choose an attachment of his choice and thus bring him closer to the vibration pencil. To the attachments of ARK Therapeutic include tooth-massing attachments, chewing aids and soft brush attachments. This versatility allows therapists and you to adapt the Z-Vibe to the specific needs and challenges.

ARK Farben

If you Buy Z-Vibe and want to use for therapeutic purposes, you can train and improve your child's face and moon motor skills in various ways. These include:

  • Oral chewing: The chewing articles for ARK Z-Vibe are a safe and pleasant opportunity to promote chewing of people who have difficulties in chewing food or in developing it.

  • Tactics and perception: The vibration function of the Z-Vibe ARK Therapeutic is important element in the training of tactile sensations and sensory perception. With the help of the Z-Vibe, you can help children improve control of their oral muscles.

  • Tongue and lip movements: The various attachments of the Z-Vibe also enable the promotion of further muscle groups that are essential for chewing, but also for speaking. With the brush attachments of the Z-Vibe you can perform exercises to strengthen the tongue and lip muscles. This is a key factor in the development of articulation and language skills.

  • Relaxation and relaxation: The gentle vibrations of the ARK Z-Vibe and the diverse ARK colours for the attachments act soothing and relaxing, which can increase the therapy effect.

Z-Vibe Set

Since the needs of children can be very different ARK Therapeutic the ARK Z-Vibe so designed that it through numerous Accessories can be adapted to individual needs and requirements. So among other things there are funny animal records that ARK storage box, bite and chewing attachments as well as other attachments with which facial and oral motor skills can be trained. If necessary, you can use a large part of the accessories including the vibration pin of ARK Therapeutic also directly as Z-Vibe Set purchase or Buy Z-Vibe and specific accessories according to the individual claims.

Z-Vibe kaufen

Z-Vibe Set as a supplement

In particular, tactile perception is an important factor in learning appropriate skills. The Z-Vibe Set therefore includes a plurality of attachments which relate to their surfaces and to the ARK colours differ. The different surfaces Z-Vibe Set help to achieve the desired therapy progress by using the attachments for different exercises. You want to Buy Z-Vibe, so you can Z-Vibe Set with base attachment. There are eight different ARK colours to choose from. So you can buy the Z-Vibe and adjust it directly to your child's wishes or preferences. The right choice of ARK colours helps your child easily and play to the exercises with the vibration pencil of ARK Therapeutic to be used.

ARK Therapeutic illuminates all aspects of dealing with oral aids. In this particularly sensitive area, it is important that hygienic standards are maintained and the vibration pin is cleaned after each use. If you choose the Z-Vibe for sale, be the heart of the ARK storage box. The ARK storage box helps to store the cleaned Z-Vibe hygienic. In the production process ARK Therapeutic to ensure that the ARK storage box does not contain any harmful substances such as lead, PVC or latex.

ARK Trinkhalmflasche

ARK drinking straw bottle - Bear drinking straw bottle for easier drinking

The Bear drinking bottle of ARK Therapeutic offers an entertaining and friendly way to make drinking more pleasant and easier for beginners and children with oral motor challenges. An important part of the ARK drinking bottle is the Select Flow valve. This ensures that the liquid contained in the bottle can flow only in the direction of the mouth. As soon as you get the belly ARK drinking bottle slightly presses, the liquid flows into the upper part of the drinking straw where it remains. This leads to children using the ARK drinking bottle need to apply only little suction force to drink. In addition, the ARK drinking straw bottle offers an ideal way to facilitate the transition for babies from the wrong to drinking with the straw. In order to prevent children from drinking the ARK drinking bottle bite or lead this too far into the mouth, ARK Therapeutic has developed the Lip Blok mouthpiece.

ARK Therapeutic fähigkeiten zu fördern

ARK Therapeutic: Innovative solutions for sensory and oral challenges

ARK Therapeutic offers innovative solutions for people with sensory and oral challenges. The ARK Z-Vibe promotes facial and oral motors and is customizable by attachments in various ARK colours. The ARK storage box also ensures the hygienic storage of the Z-Vibe. This flexible offer is suitable for both children and adults with different needs and is equally appreciated by professionals and parents. The ARK drinking bottle and the Z-Vibe with pin attachment expand the possibilities to promote sensory and oral skills.

Z-Vibe online bestellen

Z-Vibe buy with pin attachment

The Z-Vibe ARK Therapeutic is not only suitable for promoting oral ability. With the help of the pen attachment, it can also be used as a writing aid. Because of the vibrations, children focus on writing with the Z-Vibe of ARK Therapeutic better and can be less distracted by external influences. The vibrations also strengthen the feel for the pen itself, which can improve the writing skills.


Here is a little help to buy:

ARK Z-Vibe by ARK Therapeutic - for whom is the vibration pencil suitable?

The ARK Z-Vibe is suitable for a wide range of people, including children and adults with sensory processing disorders, autism, down syndrome, speech and speech disorders as well as swallowing problems. Both therapists, logopaedia or ergotherapists use ARK Therapeutic products as an effective tool for developing oral motors and oral sensitivity.

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