ARK ́s tips and techniques for the Grabber family - book in English - measures: 24,1x16,5cm

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Tips and techniques for the tombber family of Ark Therapeutic
This detailed reference book, written by Debra C. Lowsky, explains how you can use Ark Therapeutic's Grabber family in a sensible and targeted way.

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This 26-seither, spiral-bound book contains many detailed illustrations and descriptions that explain how to optimally use Ark therapy tools. Most Oral Motor Exercises in this book can also be used forY-Chews are used.


  • Improving lip and tongue control
  • the tongue mobility and lateralization
  • the stability and control of the jaw
  • Rhythmic chewing pattern
  • of problematic chewing and biting behaviour
  • and much more!

Product information:

  • This book is only available in English.
  • Dimensions: 24,1x16,5cm

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1x Tips and techniques for the Grabber family - book in English (made in the USA).


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