Targeted Applications: Tips and Techniques for Grabber Family

ARK ́s tips and techniques for the Grabber family - book in English - measures: 24,1x16,5cm

VAT included

Tips and techniques for the tombber family of Ark Therapeutic
This detailed reference book, written by Debra C. Lowsky, explains how you can use Ark Therapeutic's Grabber family in a sensible and targeted way.


This 26-seither, spiral-bound book contains many detailed illustrations and descriptions that explain how to optimally use Ark therapy tools. Most Oral Motor Exercises in this book can also be used forY-Chews are used.


  • Improving lip and tongue control
  • the tongue mobility and lateralization
  • the stability and control of the jaw
  • Rhythmic chewing pattern
  • of problematic chewing and biting behaviour
  • and much more!

Product information:

  • This book is only available in English.
  • Dimensions: 24,1x16,5cm

The delivery includes:

1x Tips and techniques for the Grabber family - book in English (made in the USA).


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