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In our online store you will get a carefully and lovingly selected assortment of beautiful promotional games that make fun.

And I would like to welcome you very warmly.

In addition to playing games and fun classics for the whole family, one of the most beautiful and largest product pallets for disabled gifts suitable for everyday use, classic and inclusive toys for the whole family, as well as therapy needs for family, school, kita, promotional facilities and therapy facilities.


In order to find beautiful gifts or practical therapy materials for my daughter, which are fun and in the best case promote development, I have to look for long and very extensive. I quickly realized the more interesting the product is also for people without need for funding, the greater the motivation - together with playing and communicating.

I look forward to making this effort easier, with many original, friendly and useful, inclusive games and therapy(laughing) materials. Our products are suitable for home as well as in therapeutic practices and facilities.

Treatment requirements

Our products are also available from therapists/therapists, Teachers used because it is easy to inspire small and large patients with our products.

Not without a reason, therapeutic specialists and employees from a wide range of institutions in conveying and inclusive operations are part of our long-term clientele in search of everyday therapy requirements.

Our heart beats "Inclusive"

Our products contribute to inclusion. The thought of a living coexistence Ringelfee first place since the beginning. From this motivation, you will find many surprises for "children and adults with and without handicap" in our inclusive online shop!

People with a wide range of disabilities and different funding needs should experience fun and enjoy playing and, of course, be involved in communication and a lively coexistence.

My team and I wish you a lot of pleasure shopping and browsing in our inclusive range.