Ark basic therapy pen therapy supplies for the OFT

ARK ́s basic therapy pencil - measurements: 12x1cm

VAT included

The Basic therapy pencil is a tool to promote Oral motor development. The rectangular tip offers three different structures: uneven, grooved and smooth.


The Basic therapy pencil was developed by the language therapist Debra C. Lowsky. An excellent tool for oral motor treatment and sensory development. The therapy pencil has a rectangular tip with different surfaces, uneven, grooved and smooth. These structured surfaces provide tactile input and improve perception. With slight pressure on various mouth areas (teach, palate, lip, cheek or tongue), you can noticeably improve the mouth feeling.

It is very popular to immerse the head of the pen in food to use it in feeding therapy. This is an excellent help to bring beginners to eat with a spoon.


The ability to handle food orally requires much more skill than most people suspect. Try to bite something and make sure what your tongue does and how it manipulates food. Once the bite is fully chewed, your tongue manipulates it to a ball (Bolus). The food bolus is then positioned on the middle of the tongue, the tongue is raised to the palate and then pressed onto the back of the tongue. As soon as it hits the back of the tongue, it triggers the swallowing act. There's a lot going on! Snippets is a great way to train the tongue, build a tone and practice controlled, coordinated movements.

With the therapy pencil, you also worked on the coordination required for correct language and articulation. For example, many voices require a dissociation (interplay) of tongue and jaw or the ability of the tongue to work independently of the jaw. For example, try to say "la la la la la" now, and pay attention to what your tongue and jaw do. The tip of the tongue should rise to the alveolar comb (directly behind the upper front teeth) and the jaw should be stable. The tongue buckle exercises work both when lifting the tongue tip and when learning the separate work with the jaw. They also process the rear edges of the tongue and force them to contact the upper jaw teeth. We produce β, R-, SH-, CH-, DZ-, S-, Z- and other voice loudspeakers via this contact.

To create a tongue buckle as shown in the video, encourage the person to place their tongue tip on the alveolar comb (behind the upper front teeth). Now it is time to suck the tongue at the same time on the palate. While the suction voltage is held there, it is almost at the same time to let the tongue snap down. Demonstrate by pretending and describing it yourself. The use of a mirror helps. It can take a while to create a good sound. Stay patient.

Product information:

  • Material: Medical thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), polypropylene (PP), high density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Free of lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA or latex
  • dishwasher safe
  • FDA shape
  • Recommended for children aged 2.5. For the very small we recommend Basic therapy pencil Mini.
  • No vibration function. These are obtained byZ-Vibe orZ-Grabber Vibration pins.

The therapy pencil is not a toy. It is a therapeutic tool to be used by a professional therapist, or an adult, trained by therapist. At any time, direct adult monitoring is required.

The delivery includes:

1x basic therapy pencil (made in the USA).


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