Sensory integration

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Material for sensory integration – for activating different sensory areas

Stimulating materials to stimulate and activate all areas of perception. Find and discover here, suitable tools for a relaxing and at the same time stimulating stimulation of the senses: seeing, feeling, listening, tasting, smelling.

Touching and gentle vibration of the skin, beautiful sounds and massages with great fragrances let space and time forget and rain on your own body feel better.

How does this type of therapy affect the body: fragrances can awaken memories and create feelings that can positively influence our well-being. Gentle massages with smooth or structured aids, such as an hedgehog, help to better perceive the spying of your own body in different ways. By swinging and weighing, the position of your own body is better perceived – even relaxing music can make a valuable contribution.

In particular, people with physical or mental limitations benefit from this relaxing, sensual experience and can often be strengthened and relaxed to return to everyday life.