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Vouchers for play and therapy supplies are a wonderful idea

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Vouchers for game and therapy needs

spiel und therapiebedarf

Game and therapy requirements of Ringelfee for young and old

Vouchers for the play and therapy requirements of Ringelfee are a wonderful opportunity to give your loved one a joy. Our offer is made up of diverse products that serve and benefit the promotion, playful learning, individual well-being and special needs of children with disabilities and senior citizens.

Since it is not always easy to choose the right gifts, we decided to, Vouchers to offer. With these, you can make a joy for fellow human beings and leave them to themselves as they want to use their voucher.

Wellness für Behinderte Kinder

Wellness - holistic wellness

The term Wellness many people often understand the rest - be it in the form of sauna, spa or various exercises for relaxation and relaxation. In fact, however, the term rather includes: namely the holistic well-being. In our "Wellness for special children" category is all about the well-being and support of children with special needs.

Gutscheine für Wellness

A special highlight of our offer is undoubtedly the high-quality weight blankets. Such a therapy blanket simulates a hug with its own weight and thus acts soothingly on children. The weight ceiling generates a sense of security and strengthens body perception, which stimulates the nervous system. In this way, the ceiling can help to reduce restlessness and thus also sleep problems. The use of a weight blanket is recommended mainly in children with sensory processing disorders, but also in those suffering from other diseases such as autism or anxiety.

Vouchers for special games are also a great idea to entertain friends or family members. In our Wellness-Category you will find some games designed specifically for people with disabilities. They help to train social skills and improve creativity and motor skills. All games in this section have been developed in cooperation with experts and are therefore tailored to the needs of people with disabilities.

Holzpiele für Behinderte Kinder

Wooden games - the diverse benefits for children

In order to promote the development of children Wooden games the ideal alternative to traditional toys that do not meet individual needs. Wood games can provide important support for development for a wide range of reasons.

Sensory stimulation is an important part of the development of children. Wooden games support this development by offering a pleasant haptic experience based on different textures as well as different weights and surfaces. This can be particularly advantageous for children with sensory integration disorders or autism. In addition, the longevity of wooden games is added. Due to their robustness, they are particularly suitable for children with motor deficits.

Often Wooden games also designed so that children can fully develop their creativity and imagination when playing. Children with cognitive or creative challenges thus gain their own experiences, which they learn at the same time. A good example of this is the Easter Egg Painter. At the same time keeping the egg and painting it can be a great challenge for children. The painting machine holds the egg so that the child can concentrate entirely on painting and let his creativity run free.

If you do not want to make the selection of the matching wooden game yourself, we will put our vouchers to your heart. Of course, all Vouchers for our entire offer and not only for Wooden games to be used.

Turnen und Gymnastik mit Behinderte Kinder

Gymnastics and gymnastics - get to know the body in a sporty way

Turning and Gymnastics are of great importance for children and children with disabilities, as they support numerous physical, mental and social benefits and help develop them. Promote Turning and Gymnastics including the development of important motor skills. In addition to equilibrium, these include coordination, skill and physical strength.

By regular Turning and gymnastic exercises can strengthen children's muscles. This is particularly important for children with disabilities, as they often have additional challenges in the field of mobility. Gymnastics also helps to improve the flexibility of joints and muscles, thereby promoting freedom of movement and reducing the risk of injury.

The common Turning also allows children to develop social skills such as teamwork, communication and sharing experiences.

A number of tools have been found to be particularly useful here, which you can use to: Vouchers can give away. Rollers with vibration massage are useful to loosen the muscles and to release tensions on this path. Children with physical disabilities also benefit from vibration, as it stimulates blood circulation and reduces muscle tension.

Thera bands, on the other hand, are versatile tools, which are Gymnastics it is now an important role to play. Children can use them together with their parents for various exercises to develop their motor skills, strengthen muscles and improve general mobility. Igelballs are also ideal aids when it comes to promoting the tactile sensitivity of children. On the one hand, they help stimulate blood circulation, on the other hand, to train perception and sensory. In addition, in our shop we carry numerous other gymnastics articles that combine sports activities with lots of fun.

Winter Spiele mit Behinderte Kinder

Winter Games for the Cold Season

If you love people in your environment to make a joy and Vouchers we would like to give you a gift at this point Winter Games i would like to point out. Especially during the cold season, it is often not so easy to develop a daily program that combines fun and learning. We have compiled a group of products that ensure the necessary and fun entertainment in winter.

A great obstacle to people who are dependent on a stroller, Rehabuggy or Rollator is snow. Often, the latter additionally restricts freedom of movement. With the help of clever wheelblades excursions can also be realized with snow. The Wheelblades are simply mounted under the wheels and thus provide safety in snow and ice.

  • Promoting balance, coordination and skill
  • Strengthening muscles for improved physical fitness
  • Increase the mobility of joints and muscles
  • Development of teamwork and social skills
  • Increase self-confidence by learning new skills
  • Promoting active movement in an entertaining environment

Also Winter Games like bowling or bowling are fun and entertaining options for the cold season. They also fulfill the purpose of physical activity. Our Winter Games are all designed to offer children enough variety and fun even in the cold months of the year. For this reason, we attach great importance in this area to fulfilling the most diverse requirements and wishes

Gutscheine für jedem Anlass

Vouchers of Ringelfee for every occasion

Vouchers for the play and therapy requirements of Ringelfee are a wonderful way to give your loved ones a joy and to bring them closer to the diversity of our offer. Our wide range includes products that support the promotion, playful learning, individual well-being and special needs of children with disabilities and seniors. Our Vouchers are suitable for all categories mentioned. So that you can customize the value of the voucher to the occasion, our Vouchers from 10 to 100 Euro available and can be redeemed at any time in our online shop.


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