Welliebellies & Warmies - Cuddly animals for warming

Discover the world of warmies & welliebellies. Cuddly animals that make warm, cool and happy. Cuddly ideas for Klein & Groß. There are more and more big and especially small wavebellies fans. We are very happy about this! welliebellies - our lovingly designed warm animals and heat cushions, which warm well for up to 90 minutes. In doing so they evolve the well-being aroma of European health herbs: rosemary & lavender, eucalyptus & peppermint. Once warmed, wavybellies have a liaring effect on building pain, cold and flu symptoms as well as tensions in babies, children and adults. However, our corrugated bellies can also cool and are therefore also easy to use for cold cuddling. Cold is good at swelling, swelling, squeezing and upsetting, insect bites, inflammation, tooth and headaches. welliebellies are certified medical devices. All materials used are safe from health. All welliebellies have interchangeable fillings that can be bought.