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"Welcome in our emerging fashion category, dedicated to the special needs of children and adults. Our comfort is in line with sustainability and stylish design. Discover our high quality body made of soft bamboo stretch fabric that offers unique properties. In addition, you will find a wide range of scarves, scarves and lobes. Our collection combines functionality and fashionable refinement. Let yourself be surprised and find clothes that suit your needs – comfortable, stylish and suitable for any occasion."

Funktionsmode für Menschen mit speziellen Bedürfnissen

Functional fashion for people with special needs

Discover the fusion of style and functionality in the world of Functional mode, which makes everyday life easier for people with disabilities and special needs.

Functional mode in today's time it plays an increasingly important role as it supports both inclusiveness and functionality. In particular, people with disabilities have to struggle with numerous challenges in dealing with traditional fashion, which has not always been able to meet individual needs. That is precisely why we have decided that our offer should also be Functional mode to expand. : Scarves for children or Women's Body - our range covers all ages and allows you to choose from numerous products.

Body kurzarm

Challenges of traditional fashion

Conventional fashion is usually characterized by mass production and the focus on aesthetic trends and features. People with disabilities or special needs are often too short. One of the key aspects is the limited variety of cuts and shapes that often do not reflect the various body shapes and mobility requirements. Rather, it is often found in practice that standardized garments are uncomfortable or even unacceptable for people with different limitations.

In addition, many closures and elements of conventional fashion are not user-friendly for people who have to fight with motor restrictions. Buttons or zippers can therefore quickly prove to be obstacles. Products like our Women's Body long-sleeved or Body short sleeve are specifically designed not to offer these hurdles at all. Our Functional mode instead, it is intended to help, because everyday life of people with disabilities is as easy as possible.

The limited availability of inclusive designs in the traditional fashion industry is not only reflected in the limited selection for people with special needs, but rather contributes to strengthening stereotypes of bodies. We also want to Functional mode as the stereotype representation often leads to a feeling of exclusion.

All challenges of traditional clothing show the need for high quality Functional mode up. It meets the diversity of human bodies and also takes into account diverse needs. That is why our offer of Women's Body to Scarves for children.

Definition und Merkmale von Fumktionsmode

Definition and features of function mode

  • Functional fashion represents an innovative fusion of functionality and stylish design. This combination aims to meet the needs of a wide range of people. In the core Functional mode and Women's Body long-sleeved or a body short-sleeved by specific features that clearly distinguish themselves from traditional clothing and facilitate everyday life.

  • Adaptability: Functional mode is characterized by its adaptability, which aims to take into account different body shapes and mobility restrictions. In order to ensure this, adjustable closures, special cuts or elastic materials, for example, come as in our Women's Body for use.

  • Including designs: Another essential feature of functional fashion is the design that aims to make clothing accessible to people with a wide variety of restrictions. Above all, needs such as easy dressing and withdrawal, freedom of movement and comfort are taken into account.

  • High quality materials: To ensure maximum comfort in everyday life, products such as our Women's Body long-sleeved and scarves for children made exclusively from high-quality materials. Important properties of these materials are their breathability and moisture regulation.

  • Aesthetics and style: Although the focus of production is on functionality, aesthetic aspects should not be too short. Including fashion not only ensures that it offers the necessary comfort. It also represents a fashionable alternative to traditional clothing. In addition Functional mode select specifically according to the individual needs. During the cold season Women's Body a good choice, the Body short sleeve the best solution for warm season.

Funktionsmode-inklusive Designs

Functional fashion - including designs and adjustments

Including designs and targeted adjustments are important cornerstones of the Functional mode. They aim to take full account of the diversity of human bodies and needs. These aspects also play a crucial role in the development of Functional mode and Women's Body, which are not only stylish, but also functional.

Also, including designs set on adjustable closures such as Velcro fasteners, magnets or elastic bands to facilitate tightening and provide better wearing comfort. In addition, special cuts can provide an optimal fit for people wearing prostheses or sitting in a wheelchair.

Lightly accessible elements also help to simplify handling. Easily used alternatives replace the Functional mode often conventional elements such as zippers or buttons. Magnetic closures, adaptive zippers as well as other solutions allow many people to take on and off independently.

The integration of these elements and high-quality textiles, such as our Body short sleeve or Women's Long Sleeves is an important step towards inclusion.

Materialien und Technologie in der Fumktionsmode

Materials and technology in functional mode

The progressive development of Functional mode like our body short-sleeved or Women's Body goes hand in hand with innovative materials and technologies that not only improve wearing comfort, but also promote the adaptability and sustainability of clothing. However, a large number of elements play an important role in taking into account the diverse needs of people with disabilities.

Common feature of Functional mode is the use of breathable substances that allow optimal ventilation. On the one hand, some materials improve the wearing comfort and, on the other hand, help to minimize the risk of overheating. This is especially true for tightly attached garments such as the Women's Body long-sleeved or one Body short sleeve of importance.

Moisture-regulating materials are used to absorb sweat effectively and remove it from the body. This helps to avoid skin irritations and to ensure a pleasant feel.

Today's Functional mode increasingly focuses on sustainable materials in order to meet the responsibility with regard to ecological aspects. This includes recycled materials, organic fibers and resource-saving production processes.

Halstücher für Kinder

Functional fashion for children

Children have different needs compared to adults. For this reason, in addition to the functional clothing for adults, there are also articles for the little ones, such as our Scarves for children. The latter play a special role, since scarves for children are on the one hand a fashionable accessory and on the other hand provide the necessary protection against cold and wind during walks during the cold season.

Functional clothing for children is generally characterized by adaptable cuts that allow the small to move freely. Elastic cuffs, adjustable closures and innovative materials offer comfort in various activities.

Funktionsmode für Jung und Alt

Functional fashion for young and old

The conscious consideration of different needs, in particular of people with disabilities, has become innovative designs, materials and technologies in the production of Functional mode of which. Opened under the line Functional mode therefore not only new horizons in clothing design, it also promotes awareness of the importance of inclusiveness and adaptability in fashion.


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