Scooterboard “Adventure”

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This wooden rolling board, which promises fast driving fun and a variety of game ideas, provides plenty of fun. Whether sitting, kneeling or lying – the sturdy, tilt-proof roller board is all fun and trains body power and balance.


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The deflection pulleys, which can also be rotated horizontally easily and quickly, allow for a flashing direction change. Lateral indentations on the holding handles ensure the plus of safety! With gummed rollers for low-noise, floor-friendly driving.

The hole and the handle slots also offer the possibility to attach a rope to pull each other.

The roller board can be used individually or creatively as part of a whole course of motion toys of Line “Adventure”.

Due to the reduced design, the clear shape and a lot of natural wood, the rolling board easily integrates into any living and children's room environment! Also suitable for therapeutic purposes!

In summary:

  • robust wooden rolling board that can be used sitting, kneeling and lying
  • with deflection pulleys for rapid change of direction
  • Indentations on the holding handles for secure protection of the hands while holding
  • with hole for fastening a rope
  • trains balance, strength and stamina
  • rubberized rollers for quiet, floor-friendly driving
  • also suitable for therapeutic purposes
  • clear design, simple design, modern colors and a lot of natural wood make the rolling board an eye-catcher

    Tip: Together with the many coordinated movement toys ofLine ‘Adventure’ can be built a complete gymnastics landscape on wall and floor.

Data sheet

Recommended age
from 3 years
max. Load capacity 30 kg
approx. 44 x 29 x 8.5 cm,
Not suitable for children under 3 years. Small parts. Suffocation.

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