Anybook Audiostift - Digital Lecturer DRP-5100 (200h) - incl. Recorder & Software

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The Anybook audio pen is a speech output device in pin form. To prepare, the pick-up stickers will be equipped with Anybook-Reader and then glued to book pages, images, songs, schedules, work stations or objects. The playback is done by touching the stickers with the audio pen.

Incl. Administrative software, 200 white, 80 transparent recording stickers, as well as pre-toned sound effects and control stickers for particularly easy recording & playback functions

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Anybook-Reader Audio pen

The specialist for language development

With the Anybook audio pencil, we offer an ingenious medium for learning support, communication and language promotion in all phases of the acquisition of language and speech skills. Whether your child or adult user is in logopedic treatment or already learns a foreign language.

The Anybook Audio Pen is an ingenious medium for learning support in all phases of the acquisition of language and speech skills He motivates children and adults, as they are guided by the "Anybook Foundation" in a playful and uncomplicated way to the subject of language and writing. The practice of pronunciation or reading understanding becomes an exciting game – permanent repetitions are guaranteed and possible without constant time support by parents, logo holders or teachers. Anybook is 100%ig individually – you determine which recording is reproduced at which point. Anybook grows with it and always adapts to current skills!

Areas of application

The Anybook audio pencil is used wherever language or speech promotion is desirable.
Through the 100%ig individual content assignments are not limited to you.
How to set the Anybook audio pen for example children & adults with strong support needs in the language (non- or barely speaking personalities), but also children who Learning foreign language. For read and spelling weaknesses, Autism, aphasia, mental impairments and of course in Early and communication promotion in general he is a great help.

That's it.

The recording:
The Anybook audio pen is a pen-shaped language output device that lets you create words, book pages, images, songs, schedules, workstations or objects. Each object you want is simply glued with a sticker. To assign a recording to the sticker, hold the audio pen on the sticker and specify the desired text.

The playback:
The playback also takes place by touching the audio pen with the sticker. An optical reader reads out the code and calls the corresponding speech recording. Slate can't be done because you can assign new recordings to the stickers as often as you like. They are even divisible (for this purpose, the extra large stickers from the "Stickerset XXL" so that you can listen to one and the same recording at different places. You can also put or laminate them in transparent cases to use them in the garden, for example, or to optimize them for years of use.

Make own recordings with stickers
The recording capacity of the device comprises 200 hours that can be stored permanently. You will find 120 ready stickers with funny sounds and 280 free stickers (200 white and 80 transparent stickers) for your own recordings.

Other sticker sets are also available.
Anybook stickers are characterized by the highest quality standards, apart from the XXL sticker set, 2 cm in diameter are large (so that they can be used unimpregnated for motorized children) and can be reused as often as desired. Through a high-quality coating, the stickers are particularly durable and solid.

Share and archive
The included software "Anybook Case" allows you to archive your recordings so that you can easily store unneededed recordings in the software and reuse the stickers.
The integration of music files and also the sharing of voice files is easily possible. This allows you to document progress and retrieve it at any time.

In addition, you also have the possibility to assign audio files to the stickers via the included software.

Technical details
• Brand Franklin Electronics
• Model number DRP-5100
• Recording capacity: 200 hours
• Incl. 200 white stickers, 80 transparent stickers and 120 pre-toned sound effects. Additional control stickers for recording, stop
and deletion of recordings.
• Incl. administration software Anybook Case with archiving and parts function
• weight 80 g incl. Batteries
• Product dimensions 18 x 3.8 cm
• Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required.
• Connections: Mini USB & 3.5 mm headphone output


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