Big Buddy Button - Ø 115mm - Connection: 3.5mm Plug - Color: Red

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The Buddy button is an easy to trigger switch that combines battery-controlled toys and devices One- and Fromcan switch. For this purpose, the battery interrupter is simply plugged onto the Buddy button and the other end is clamped into the battery compartment. It can also be used as a probe for computer and communication aids.

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With the help of Big Buddy button for example, you can set up our battery-controlled cars (adapted toys). If you press the switch, the car starts as soon as you release the switch, the car will stop. This is not only incredibly funny, but also beneficial (cause-effect principle). Once you have learned with pleasure what can be triggered with these small switches, the next step is e.g. to control your own learning stuff with the help of the Buddys button can already put a little bit closer.

On the bottom of the Big Buddy there are two threaded holes, so that the probe can easily be attached to a support.

Technical details:

  • Trigger force: 300g in center, 150g on edge
  • Height: 25mm
  • Connection: 2-pin 3.5mm jack plug

The delivery includes:

1x Big Buddy button


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