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This sticker is specially designed for cars and indicates that sufficient space is needed for wheelchair transfer.With this clearly visible and high-quality design, you create attention and avoid your vehicle being parked.

Weatherproof stickers, UV-resistant.The sticker is attached to the disc on the outside.

12 x 12,5 cm

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The sticker in red signal color indicates that sufficient space is needed for wheelchair transfer so that wheelchair users can easily get out and in.The well visible and high-quality design ensures that the sticker is not overlooked and thus effectively attracts attention.With this sticker you will not only avoid your vehicle being parked, but also make an important contribution to inclusion and accessibility.The sticker can easily be attached to your car and is therefore a simple way to allow enough space for wheelchair transfer.Order now this sticker and set a sign for consideration in road traffic.

Step-by-step instructions for attaching:

  • Make sure the pane is clean and dry.
  • Carefully remove such a wide piece of protective film on the upper edge of the sticker so that the sticker is easily fixed and in the right position.Make sure he's straight and aligned.
  • Press the sticker carefully on the disc.Use a clean cloth to avoid bubbles and wrinkles.
  • Now carefully remove the rest of the protective film down while simultaneously pressing the sticker with the cloth on the printed side on the pane.Go ahead slowly to ensure that the sticker adheres evenly and without bubbles on the pane.
  • Let the sticker dry completely.


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