ARK ́s Sip-Tip drinking cup 235 ml, incl. 10x disposable anti-backflow straw and 1x Lip Blok mouthpiece - Dimensions Mug: approx

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The Sip cup by ARK Therapeutic was developed for people with difficulty drinking.The Anti-return neck, have a unique valve that controls the liquid direction.Even light pumping on the cup cover conveys the liquid upwards into the straw so that less suction force is required.

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ARK's Sip-Tip® Drinking cups are an innovative solution to facilitate drinking for people with difficulty in producing and maintaining suction pressure.Similar to Cip-KupTM a person can either suck through the straw independently or be supported by "pumping" the liquid using the flexible lid.In order to bring the liquid to the desired height, simply the vent hole must be covered with the finger and pressed repeatedly until the liquid has reached the correct height.The select flow valve ensures that the straw is constantly filled with liquid and thereby reduces the amount of air that is inhaled during drinking.This also reduces the effort required for each swallow, as less effort is required for the suction.The valve technology also allows better control of the amount of liquid that is absorbed during each swallow and ensures that the liquid reaches the front area of the mouth.This minimizes the risk of coughing and swallowing and increases liquid consumption.

The drinking cup is available in two similar variants and differs only by differences in the nature and use of the drinking straws.

The differences:

  • Sip-Tip® drinking cup with select flow valve includes a reusable Select flow valve and Standard drinking straws
    The select flow valve is reusable and can be inserted into the lower opening of commercially available drinking straws (0.6cm in diameter) control the amount of liquid and the liquid flow.The select flow valve is set so that it has a suitable length of the valve for most users.However, if a higher quantity of liquid is required, the valve can simply be cut off with scissors to increase the flow.

    Contents: 1x drinking cup approx. 235ml capacity1 leak-proof lid, 1 Lip Blok® yellow, 10x disposable anti-return straw

  • Sip-Tip® drinking cup with disposable anti-return straws included Drinking straws with integrated anti-return valve.
    In this vartiante, an anti-return valve is integrated in each individual drinking straw at the end of the halm, whereby the drinking straw can be used without preparation, especially for on the go or in therapy.

    1x Sip-Tip drinking cup approx.235ml capacity, 1 leakproof lid, 1 Lip Blok® yellow, 1 select flow valve, 10 regular straws

Both options can help reduce the penetration of air and the effort for each swallow, making it easier to drink for people with difficulty in sucking or swallowing.In addition, both sets contain a Lip Blok®.The Lip Blok® prevents people from biting on the straw or taking it too far in their mouth.This helps to avoid wort, and ensures that the liquid reaches the front area of the mouth where it can be processed more easily orally.

The associated lids fit securely on the robust, high-quality beaker to minimize the leakage of liquid, as well as the beakers have markings on the side to check liquid consumption.

Product information:

  • Material: thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), polypropylene (PP), high density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Free of lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA or latex
  • FDA shape
  • Dimensions Mug: approx. 11,4x7,6cm
  • Quantity: 235 ml
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Colors can vary slightly
  • Not recommended for carbonated beverages
  • Recommended for thin liquids (water, milk, juice without pulp, etc.)
  • Compatible with most standard drinking straws (0.6cm in diameter)


  • Persons with aspiration may only use the bottle under therapeutic instructions
  • Suffocation by small parts


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