"Flauschi" blanket - super soft weighted blanket

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This new cuddly soft weighting blanket offers a gentle limitation and pleasant stimulation of the skin.

The ceiling slightly filled with quartz sand or polyperles is made from a velvety special textile and conveys a sense of security and tranquility.The ceiling can be used both transversely and longitudinally and is equally suitable for children and adults.

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The extreme cuddly soft ceiling get optionally filled with washed quartz sand which is loosely distributed in the chambers or with polyperles, which gently slender over the body due to the light weight.

The velvety soft weighting blanket from Beluga is made in Germany and is very durable.Therefore, we can offer a lifelong guarantee on the durability of the seams.

The ceiling is particularly suitable for hypotonic people with problems in sensory perception, which prefer easy limitation and stimulation over the skin.It is less suitable for hypertonic people with strong movement urge and need for a clear, unambiguous feedback.

The colour selection of the ceiling in warm Bordeaux red is based on experience of sensory integration.The idea behind this is that the person experiences a feeling of well-being and security in these shades that remind the womb.


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