• TheraBeans® 2.5 kg incl. TheraBeans® bag - red or blue

Therabeans 2.5 kg plastic beans made of polypropylene incl. Bag - Dimensions: 39x25cm

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TheraBeans 2.5 kg, including practical bag, 39 x 25 cm, made of sturdy fabric with zipper & functional carrying straps on each side. The amount of 2.5 kilograms TheraBeans® can always be kept ready for use in the bag. TheraBeans are well suited for sensomotor exercises with children and adults.

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TheraBeans® Bag with 2.5 kg TheraBeans

TheraBeans® is a highly effective therapy and training agent. With various exercises, the muscle is trained without the risk of overloading. Through a mixture of two matched sizes and a smooth rounded surface, the resistance is almost direction-neutral, which means that during the exercise period there is virtually no load-free phase.

Due to the pronounced sensory feedback, TheraBeans are also suitable for psychomotorics and tactile perception. It is particularly fun if, for example, puzzle pieces, marbles or small objects have to be hidden and retrieved between the TheraBeans. Other games to promote visual perception and fine motor technologyHow to place patterns, search target snippets or theraBeans hidden in kneading can be carried out.

In the practical bag made of sturdy gym mat fabric with zipper and functional carrying straps on each side, the amount of 2.5 kilograms TheraBeans can be kept neat and always ready for use.

Areas of support: Muscle training, Rehabilitation of muscle weakness, relaxation, stimulation of blood circulation, metabolic increase, massage, sensomotor exercises.

Areas of application: Therapy, autotherapy, rehabilitation, orthopaedics, neurology, sports training, psychomotorics, sensomotorics, massage, tactile perception.

Scope of delivery: TheraBeans® Bag- optionally in red or blue incl. 2.5 kg TheraBeans®

  • Width pocket : 25 cm
  • Length bag: 39 cm

    No children's cereal, swallowable small parts. Only apply under supervision.

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