Functional hand - gripping aid - pen holder - handle for writing & more.m.

Functional hand - flexible and always ready to handle!

VAT included

People of different ages, with difficulties pens, markers, brushes, toothbrush, kitchen utensils, garden equipment and much more, to keep safe in their hands, get with "Functional hand" an everyday support to keep all these things independent.

Users of Stylus or other Touchpens please see the point "GOD FOR SCIENCE in the main description.


‘Functional hand’ has been specially developed for people who have difficulty gripping and holding. ‘Functional hand’ the practical helper with countless possibilities to span various objects in order to keep them so much easier.

The unique and flexible design ‘Functional hand’ makes it possible to keep functional tools in many shapes and sizes both in vertical and horizontal alignment. This universal cuff is durable and therefore a reliable help on the go and at home.

people of different ages, with difficulties sticks, markers, brushes, toothbrush, kitchen utensils, garden equipment and much more secure, get with ‘Functional hand’ an everyday support to keep all things independent.

Here we go: To fix the objects, the stretchable cord is loosened and pushed upwards to such an extent that the desired object can be placed in the loop resulting therefrom. Now only pull the cord from below and fix it and can go.
It is so easy and quick to insert an object into the functional hand and release it again - you will be surprised!

“Functionalhand” is an inclusive tool: Each individual should have the opportunity to participate in activities that make him enjoy. This Helfelein contributes its part to this.

Size: Handle without cord: 13cm

Extra tip: In combination with ‘Eazyhold gripping and holding aids’ (not included in delivery), there is an even greater safety “to hold balances” Here the Eazyhold fit best in the following sizes:

Size 3 - Green (for children's hands and small items):Click here

Size 5 - Blue: Click here

Size 7 - Aqua : Click here

All 3 EazyHold in a set : Click here

For all users of I-Pad, tablet or devices that are operated with a touch pen (input pin).
With most recent devices, the combination of touch pens and functional hand works easily. In older devices (usually older I-Pads), it may happen that the touchpen clamped in the functional hand does not react properly and you have to tap the display several times. To avoid this, a little trick helps here.

  • Winding First, a strip of commercial aluminum foil around the handle.
  • Adjust a narrow strip of aluminum foil so that you can place it in the pin receptacle and press the two ends down so that a contact with the aluminum foil is created on the handle. Now it should work well with older displays.

  • Extra tip: A user has given us the tip that a flower wire is sufficient. So far, we haven't tried this variant yet, but we will soon catch up and describe it here when it works.


Data sheet

Handle without cord: 13cm
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