Rolling Board Floor Surfer - Dimensions: 56x37x14cm - Load capacity: up to 100 kg - Material: plastic with inserts of EVA foam

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The Floor Surfer talks to children so that game and motor skills training can achieve a new quality. The Floor Surfer has been developed in cooperation with children's physiotherapists and can be used by children, regardless of their motor function level.

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The Floor Surfer combines function, safety and design. The quality wheels with double ball bearings and abrasion-free tires made of clear PU are covered, so that the risk of overriding the fingers is minimized. The increase in the front area of the Floor Surfer assists the child's chisel during sitting and the breast bone during lying. The Floor Surfer is slightly pointed at the front, so the arms have more freedom of movement. The taperings on the sides are provided as a gripping surface, whereby the hands are simultaneously protected by the protruding corners.

Product information:

  • From 6 months
  • Dimensions: 56 x 37 x 14 cm
  • Load capacity: 100kg
  • Material: Plastic with EVA foam inserts

The delivery includes:

1x Rolling Board Floor Surfer


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