ARK ́s Kau-Armband Texture - all sizes, colors & hardness - 12,95

ARK ́s chewing bracelet texture

VAT included

Kau-Armband Brick - different colors & hardness
The chewing bracelet offers a always handy, safe, discreet and cool solution for those who want to chew and bite on pens, dresses and other objects for a variety of reasons, or just hold something in their hands to bumble.

Degree of hardness and color

The Chewing bracelet supports people with problematic chewing and biting behavior, for example in oral therapy. It can help to direct a better focus on a variety of activities, or to promote sensory oral motor skills through the structure and shape. Also, the bracelet is a good alternative for children and adults who chew/at on their fingers, ankles, shirts, pens etc. Due to the unique twist-on style, it is very easy to pull the bracelet on or off when required for oral stimulation. It can also be used as a sensory finger toy - turning, bending or driving with the fingers over the tactile elevations - everything is possible.


  • Small - for wrists up to 13cm (reversal inside approx. 13,5cm)
  • Large - for wrists over 13cm (reversal inside about 16.5cm)

Degree of hardness:

  • Standard - recommended for mild chewing
  • XT - recommended for moderate chewing
  • XX - recommended for heavy loads

Product information:

Important information

This product is not a toy. Although the bracelet is made of robust materials in high quality, it is not indestructible. Some individuals, especially those with severe oral needs and aggressive biting/chewing, may be able to Bracelet to damage. Please supervise the application at any time and exchange the element with first signs of wear.

The delivery includes:

1x Kau bracelet texture (size, color and degree of hardness selectable / produced in the USA).


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