"EazyHold" Grip and support! - Pink ( 10.16 cm )

EazyHold Grip and support!Size 2 - Pink - Material: Silicone

VAT included

Length approx. 10 cm - Ø of the openings approx.9 mm

Support for those who find it hard to hold objects.

Even suitable for small children's hands but also for adults.Toys, dishes, bite rings, musical instruments etc. can be attached here.


"Greif und Halthilfe" EazyHold- Rosa"

Toys, dishes, markers, bite rings, musical instruments and much more can be attached here!The length is identical to our yellow holding aid (size 1), but with wider openings to accommodate larger utensils.Suitable for small children's hands as well as adults.

"EazyHoldTM - gripping and holding aid” - supports those of us who find it hard to hold objects.For example, guide a pin through an opening of the "EazyHoldTM - gripping and holding aid”.The EazyHold laid loosely around the hand and connected at the other end to the pin.It is also possible to EazyHold to attach directly to the object and then guide the hand.

 Scope of delivery:

  • 1 piece "EazyHold" gripping and holding aid size 2!

Please note: The next to "EazyHoldTM - gripping and holding aid” shown, serve only for clarity and are not included in the delivery.

  • Color: pink
  • Length approx. 10 cm
  • Ø of the openings approx. 9mm
  • suitable for children and adults (no children's toys)
  • latex-free Hygienic, washable and quick drying
  • Suitable for the right and left hand

Important notice!!!

Let children and people never need supervision unattended if the "EazyHold" gripping and holding aids! are used.

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