Stainless steel suspension slide bearings for mounting dream vibrators

Stainless steel suspension for ceiling mounting of dream vibrators

VAT included

Slide-mounted mounting plate for ceiling suspension
Diameter: 80 mm, thickness: 8 mm, eye: M10

For ceiling mounting of furniture from Mira Art GmbH. Not suitable for play, gym and sports equipment.

Please note: For all single-point suspensions – except with our sliding or ball-bearing mounting plate – a rotary vortex must be used to prevent shear loads from acting on the suspension. It is also necessary to regularly check the ductility.


The most common suspension for a suspension armchair is the ceiling mounting. From the principle as simple as hanging a ceiling lamp, only with loadable material. We recommend mounting plates instead of simple ceiling hooks, as you are offered for example in the construction market.

Our stainless steel suspensions are anchored with three “screws” in the ceiling material, while a ceiling hook has only one anchoring point. Since the most diverse fastening means are required depending on the ceiling material, no fastening means are included in this article. In our shop you can choose a suitable one for concrete and solid woodMounting set individually select additional.

This slide-bearing design bears the same loads as our ball-bearing variant. In use, however, it offers you "no" smooth radial rotation under tensile stress. It is suitable for free swinging and for guided rotary movements of the relieved dream vibrator to change the direction of view.


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