Sensory brushes: Support in perception disorders

Sensitivity brush

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The Sensi brush is an indispensable tool for basal stimulation of children and adults with dysfunction. It promotes tactile sensitivity and calming. Ideal for use in kindergartens, schools and therapeutic facilities.


The Sensi brush, also known as a touch brush, is a handy tool for basal stimulation of children and adults with perception disorders. Designed to promote tactile sensitivity and to achieve a calming effect, this brush is an essential element in training and rehabilitation work.

The gentle bristles of the brush stimulate the skin in a pleasant way and help to improve the sensory abilities. Especially for children with special needs or those who respond sensitively to contact, the Sensi brush is a valuable support in everyday life.

The possibilities of use are diverse: whether at home, in school or in therapeutic facilities – the touch brush offers a possibility for targeted basal stimulation everywhere.

Recommended for children from 2 years old, the Sensi brush offers a gentle and effective way to promote the sense of touch and increase well-being.


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