Talking Point - Mini Recorder - Size per Probe: 45mm - Recording Capacity: 10 seconds

Talking Point - Mini Recorder - Size per Probe: 45mm - Recording Capacity: 10 seconds


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These small, colourful buttons are perfect companions in any situation. Due to their practical size of only 4.5 cm in diameter, they can easily be carried anywhere. With a recording capacity of 10 seconds, the small probes can be used quickly and conveniently for short sequences. Easy operation makes use particularly comfortable.


Mit these colorful probes, many communication ideas are implemented playfully.

The small, light buttons are available in 6 different bright colors. Messages up to a length of 10 seconds can be recorded very easily and can also be played again as easily.

A slight pressure on the probe is sufficient to be able to play the previously recorded messages in good sound quality. By simple handling, as well as practical size, they are also ideally suited for mobile use. A pressure with the flat hand is sufficient to trigger the probe. Due to the small size, however, a certain fine-motoric skill is necessary in order to be able to control the probe. However, the actuation of a specific point is not necessary here.

The speciality of the small probes is not only shown in its size, but in the many possible areas of application.

For example, small questions and response games can be created with the probes.

In everyday school, the probes can also be easily integrated, for example dictates with one or more probes could be used.

The recording devices can also be used very well in the UK (assisted communication). For example, the shopping list could simply be referred to one or more buttons and taken for shopping. Bringing messages, telling something independently or answering questions is an exciting interaction for all children with the pretty "talking points".

You can leave your own ideas as an application tip in our product comments for other interested parties.

  • Size: 45mm
  • Recording capacity: 10seconds
  • Recording quality: the speech output is very clear, but rather quiet due to the size of the probe.
  • Optional: 1 or 6 buttons
  • Exchange LR44 Batteries included.
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years!


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