CamoCup Plastic drinking cup - filling quantity 20 - 120ml - 14,95

CamoCup Drinking cup made of plastic - filling quantity 20 - 120ml - approx. 10 cm high

VAT included

The CamoCup was originally developed for infants, children and adults with sensomotor restrictions.

However, it is ideally suited as a drinking cup for all children, as it optimally supports the learning of drinking through its novel shape. Through the large opening you can see the drink coming in and enjoy the successful experience of self-sufficient drinking.


Innovative CamoCup is its form: it resembles two hands that draw water from a source and thus simulates the original form of thirst silence. The resulting drinking groove ensures a targeted and well doseable flow of the beverage. In addition, the nubs in the lower lip area effect synergistic activities and stimulate the swallowing mechanism.

Toddlers are motivated to self-sufficient drinking, as the respective drink through the large opening of the CamoCup good to see. The colourful vessel is covered by both hands and is on a broad foot again after drinking.

Special features of CamoCup:

  • Beak shape with drinking groove for precise flow
  • Noppen in the lip area stimulate the swallow reflex
  • Wide grip grooves provide secure grip
  • The non-existent handle loosens the facial muscle when capturing the cup with the hands
  • The wide floor provides a stable stand
  • food-safe, unbreakable, dishwashers suitable, sterilisable

Therapeutic background

The CamoCup has been developed specifically for infants, children and adults with suction, drinking and swallowing disorders to optimally promote their sensomotor skills. In addition Drinking cup suitable for all children and supports learning to drink optimally.

The development of the CamoCup by Dr. Rodolfo Castillo Morales. The core idea of CamoCup is based on the holistic treatment concept of the Castillo Morales Centrum, which is based on mutual communication, the communication of security and self-confidence.

CamoCup – the original form of thermosetting is suitable:

  • as a drinking aid for infants and young children
  • as a drinking aid for children and adults with suction, drinking and swallowing difficulties
  • as a drinking aid for stroke patients
  • as a drinking aid in old care
  • for ALL, the fun at CamoCup have!

Product information:

  • Dimensions: approx. 10cm high
  • Quantity: 20 - 120ml (scaled in 20 ml steps)
  • Material: plastic, free of PVC, phthalates and bisphenol A, pollutant-tested.

The delivery includes:

1x CamoCup Drinking cup (color selectable)


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