Discussable greeting card - double the joy with a personal touch

Meeting card - Card size: 15x21x0,6cm

VAT included

Double joy with a single greeting card.

Record language, music or sound effects and give the card your own personality by sticking, painting, labeling and designing it according to your own ideas!

After each opening of the card, the recording sounds again.


Reviewable greeting card

Bring someone to the smile with an unforgettable message. Wish Grandma Happy Birthday, tell a joke, send a good night message, say thank you or just tell someone you love him. You will certainly have countless possibilities and many creative ideas!

A special card for every occasion to give your friends and family a very special feeling. Your recording is played when the card is opened so that it is ideal for people with visual impairment.

Due to the higher quality reproduction and replaceable batteries, you have long pleasure in the reviewable greeting card. Even with a battery exchange, your valuable recordings remain stored! Unless you want to change the recording, you can easily play the previous recording with your new recording.


• Record language, music or sound effects

• Record your message as often as you want

• Your recording is reproduced when the card is opened.

• Draw, paint or glue to a special card for any occasion.

• Glue a photo, drawing or artwork to any location.

• Make your friends and family a very special pleasure with this great gift.

• Batteries included and replaceable, 3 x button cells, AG10 (LR1130)

• Battery compartment lid on the rear cover

• ON/OFF switch on the rear cover

• Valuable recordings remain forever, even if the batteries are empty or replaced

• Recording time: 40 seconds - New longer recording time

Card size: approx. 150 x 210 x 6 mm

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