Dr. Boehm Flexy Löffel Maxi - different colors & hardness - 4.95

Dr. Boehm Flexy Löffel Maxi - Length: 17cm

VAT included

The soft and flexible Flexy spoons can easily remain in the mouth when swallowing. Due to the special properties, these spoons are a real relief in feeding and in swallowing therapy.

Degree of hardness and color

Everyone knows the situation: feeding can be very stressful!

The normal spoon is pushed into the mouth with food, twisted or pulled up and it is attempted to strip off the food somehow. With some luck, part of the food remains in the mouth. The largest parts of the food are pressed out again. Now the "rest" must be "scratched" by lips and nose - and the play starts from the front. The reason: With a hard spoon in the mouth, but also with all previously known soft spoons, man cannot swallow. It's not possible! In order to be able to swallow, this type of spoon must be pulled out of the mouth again. At the same time, the lips must strip the food from the spoon so that it remains in the oral cavity. Only now can be swallowed. However, infants who have so far absorbed food by sucking from the breast or bottle need to learn this process. To support this learning process, the Flexy Löffel offers helpful support. People who are not yet able to control lip muscles due to illness, accident, impediment or age, or are no longer able to provide this spoon also a pleasant solution. For this reason, the spoon is also used in the therapeutic field. The Flexy spoons can be exchanged for conventional spoons in addition to the product's conviction, also because of incompatibility and allergies.

Recommended by midwives, as well as the internationally known specialist for patients with orofacal neurological disorders Prof. Dr. Castillo Morales.

This variant corresponds approximately to the size of a tablespoon. For a spoon that offers you the size of a teaspoon, click here.


  • Cook 10 minutes before first and subsequent use
  • Clean thoroughly after each use
  • dishwasher safe
  • Sterilizable up to 135°C


  • Can remain in the mouth when swallowing - like a sucker
  • Facilitation in feeding infants
  • When feeding disabled persons
  • In general, the feeding process becomes less tacky
  • No risk of injury (e.g. on the palate in split patients)
  • Ideal for the work of logopedists, ergotherapists and physiotherapists.

Degree of hardness:

  • SH 80 is medium soft and flexible
  • SH 90 is a bit harder, but still flexible and pleasant in the mouth
  • SH 2K offers a spoon handle in the hardness SH 90 & the mouthpiece in SH 80

Product information:

  • corresponds approximately to the size of a tablespoon
  • The spoons are made without plastic and are free from bisphenol A and latex

Declaration of conformity according to EU standard:

  • Multiflex G 80 A 11 B Z1697 Thermoplastic Elastomer
  • The material is not plastic and can be disposed of in household waste!

The delivery includes:

1x Flexy Spoon Maxi (hardness & color selectable)


Specific References

39241000000 GER

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