EazyHold - Therapist / Teacher ( Set 7)

EazyHold Grip and support! 7er Set - Therapy Set - Material: Silicone

VAT included

A complete set with soft silicone straps for all who want to use different sizes for different ages and skills.

This set with 7 different gripping and holding aids for Therapists also made suitable if you have different handling apply or to try.


A complete set “EazyHoldTM - gripping and holding aids’ with 7 soft silicone straps for all who want to use different sizes for different ages and skills. Suitable for children, young people and adults.

Scope of delivery: This set contains 7 different EazyHoldTM - gripping and holding aids’ and is applicable for a wide range of activities. Ideal for schools, hospitals, therapy facilities, or at home.

Examples of applications: dishes, text markers, brushes, pens, TouchPens for controlling electronic devices, toys, musical instruments, toothbrushes (standard and electric), hairbrushes, wheelchair joysticks and much more! They help to overcome the physical challenges easier and are ideal for home, school, game and travel.

Scope of delivery:

  • 7 he set "EazyHold" Grip and holding aids - therapist (size 1 - 7)
    Please note: The "EazyHoldTM - gripping and holding aid” shown, serve only for clarity and are not included in the delivery.

Color/length/Ø of opening

  • Size 1: Yellow / approx. 10 cm / approx. Ø 6 mm
  • Size 2: Pink / approx. 10 cm / approx. Ø 9mm
  • Size 3: Green / approx. 11 cm / approx. Ø 10 mm
  • Size 4: Orange / ca.12 cm / ca. Ø 6 mm
  • Size 5: Blue / approx. 13,5 cm / approx. Ø 13 mm
  • Size 6: Lavender - approx. 14 cm /ca. Ø approx. 6 mm
  • Size 7: Aqua / approx. 16,5 cm - approx. Ø approx. 13 mm

  • suitable for children, young people and adults (no children's toys)
  • latex-free hygienic, washable and fast drying
  • suitable for the right and left hand

Important notice!!! Let children and people never need supervision unattended if the "EazyHold" gripping and holding aids! are used.

This is the best package if you are not sure what size is suitable or you want to try different handling.

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