Babyschwinger Set – with growing plumage made of soft organic cotton 329,- €

Babyschwinger Set – with growing hanging moor made of soft organic cotton with height adjustment

VAT included

The new favorite place for your baby.

Security is important for the youngest. The Babyschwinger gives your baby, held by the soft mesh, security, almost as with mom in the belly. The relaxing natural material is a true treat for babies.

The gentle swing ensures peace and comfort, with your baby and with you!

Babyschwinger incl. carabiner, height adjustment & rope bag universal


  • from 1st day to approx. 5th year
  • loading up to 75 kg
  • can be combined with MIRA ART Baby mattress
  • adjustable angle of inclination for changing the lying and seat position
  • Children's piece of furniture
  • Recommended by experienced midwives and doctors

With gentle swing into a new world

Our Babyschwinger welcomes your child in the new world and provides a safe place in an environment full of new impressions. The well-being mesh is the ideal construction to keep your baby and convey security. With circular and spiral turns, gentle swinging creates an ideal ambience to reduce stress and into the baby dream world to slide.

Unrest, cravings, irritability or sleep problems can be caused by the soft and elastic net of the Babyschwinger are reduced and give your baby the safety it needs.

Moments that you and your child have for you and in which you both can come to rest completely will be Babyschwinger possible. Wouldn't that be a true treat for body and mind?

The ergonomics of the baby vibrator is perfect for your baby. The posture of your child Babyschwinger ensures optimal support for development and stimulates body feeling, perception and balance.

The processing of the supersoft knotless cotton material ensures optimal pressure distribution and ensures maximum comfort due to an ergonomic lying position. The Babyschwinger impresses with its versatility and can be used effortlessly for various purposes: as a cot, cot, cot, bunk bed, travel bed or the like. The growth of Babyschwinger together with your child and can be adjusted by trapping the woods. Really practical: With a handle, your baby is always in listening and viewing distance.

With the appropriate suspensions you can Babyschwinger hang in living room or other rooms during the day and take them to the bedroom at night. This has a positive effect on the sleep of all family members!

Our larger Traumschwinger-Models can be easily converted into baby cot or one Kinderschwinger rebuild.

To get the full Traumschwinger-You can get experience from the beginning, please think of the corresponding suspension.
Here you can find the right Suspension and can do it directly for your needs Traumschwinger order!

Cotton (in kbA quality), oak (from regional forest)
The cotton fabric is washable. For the care of the woods, please use commercially available oils.

Net size:
head edge approx. 67 cm, foot edge approx. 70 cm, side length approx. 80 cm

Scope of delivery:
Babyschwingercarabiner, height adjustment, universal rope bag

Important: Please note with our consulting videos that the pictures shown only serve to illustrate. You can find the respective delivery in the article description.

Babyschwinger - the Traumschwinger Baby cot - versatile to the crabble child age

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Data sheet

Hanging height
min. 170 cm, max. 300 cm
not less than 75 kg
Please note:
Traumschwinger are not to be used as gym equipment or play equipment. In single-point suspensions, a rotary vortex or the like must be used so that no shear loads can act on the suspension. In addition, the ductility is regularly tested
6.0 kg
Head edge approx. 67 cm, foot edge approx. 70 cm, side length approx. 80 cm
Oak, untreated
Babyschwingercarabiner, height adjustment, universal rope bag
Cotton (in kba quality), oak wood from regional forest
Net color
Cotton braid: wool wash at 30°C - spin level of 800 rpm. For the care of the woods, please use commercially available oils.

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