Das Schaukelding - Optional track width 3.3cm / 5cm / 5.5cm / 8.5cm

Das Schaukelding

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A swing for the whole family

With the "Schaukelding", you can almost swing everything. From the cot there is a rocky cradle, from the garden or wheelchair a swing chair. Screaming babies calm down quickly when they get rocked.

Das Schaukelding can be placed under (almost) everything that has four feet and not only that, among most stroller and wheelchair wheels, the swinging thing also fits!

Information to select the appropriate size in the main description


Das Schaukelding- Principle

With the swinging thing, almost every piece of furniture can be brought into motion. The swinging stoves can be mounted quickly and easily under different furniture.

The swinging kilns can also be easily disassembled and applied to other pieces of furniture by simple assembly. So you can also take your swinging party on holiday or where you are right now and swing comfortably.
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The multifunctional usability of the swinging thing makes it a product for young and old. Whether you want to get a cot in motion, a garden chair or
a wheelchair make a swing chair – "the swinging thing" makes it possible!

  • Multifunctional insert
  • 100% Made in Germany
  • Top quality by local woods
  • Easy installation

The system of swinging is simply brilliant and ingeniously simple:

Put runners on the floor - place stool legs on the runners - swings.
In some furniture, it is additionally required for better stability. Fasten safety belts (see accessories).

Here you will find some information to facilitate the selection for the appropriate swinging and possibly the right accessory.

  1. First, the chair leg, wheelchair wheel, bed foot or what to see must be measured so that it can be placed in the track of the skids.
  2. Next, it is necessary to check the loadability that the swinging thing is supposed to hold.
  3. Now you can choose the right swing.

  • Track width up to 3.2 cm, u.a. suitable for cot - Baby cot - Baby cot - swing armchair
    loadable up to 100 kg
    Important: In this variant, the article has no continuous track (deep) - see product photo.

  • Track width 5.2 cm, suitable for most seats such as stroller, wheelchair, high chair, terrace chair
    - loadable up to 250 kg
  • Track width 8.5 cmsuitable forfor wide sofas or bed feet - loadable up to 1000 kg

    Length: all models approx. 97 cm

Example video with wheelchair

Especially for wheelchair users here some hintsto help you get a good idea of the swing possibilities.

The safety belts & prisms available under accessories are urgently required for most wheelchairs. Example in the video. In wheelchairs, as shown by way of example, on our product image, the wheelchair wheel fills almost the entire skid, here the prisms usually suffice against slipping and stabilization.

For wheelchairs we recommend "Das Schaukelding" in size 5.5 cm.

Is the swinging thing also suitable for passive wheelchair users:
Those who can't swing their wheelchair without help are still enjoying swinging when the wheelchair is ingested. Not to see in the video...but the swing swing is here the Papa behind the Rolli - fun it has prepared father and daughter.

Scope of delivery:

  • 2 skids - track width optional: 3.2 cm loadable up to 100kg, 5.2 cm loadable up to 250 kg or 8.5 cm loadable up to 1000 kg
  • Material: Beech-natur
  • 4 nonwoven strip as a nonwoven base to prevent damage to the floor covering.
  • 4 wooden wedges - for fixing and stabilizing

Manufacturer recommendation: To increase durability the runners are oiled or waxed.

Important: Das Schaukelding is not a toy

  • For additional stability we recommend our separat available accessories

    Accessories not included:
    4 pieces Wood prisms in the right size
    your "swinging" the chair legs placed in front and behind help to avoid slipping.

  • 2 pieces Safety belts - so you can secure our swinging thing.


Data sheet

2 runners, 4 tile stripes as a nonwoven base to prevent damage to the floor covering. 4 wooden wedges - for fixing and stabilizing

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