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Discover the new "Jiggler" - sensory pendant with gentle vibration function.

These lightweight and soft pendants are the perfect gift idea for a relaxed child when it has difficulties to concentrate and are practical for on the go they are also.

With an approx. 20 cm long draw cord can be attached almost everywhere, they are activated by pulling on it. The Jigglers are available in three different versions: turtle, jelly and cow.

Recommended for children from 3 years.

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The Senseez Attachables are the latest expansion of Senseez-Series and offer a gentle vibration function that acts soothing and relaxing. These sensory pendants are cuddly soft and can be attached to almost any item, whether schooling, car seats or bed frames. With an approximately 20 cm long draw cord, they are ready to use at any time and can be activated in a simple way by pulling it.

These pendants are ideal for children from 3 years of age who have difficulty in focus or are easily distracted. You can be used at school or at home to improve concentration and create a quiet environment. Also on travel or on the go, they are a great accessory to reduce stress and soothe the child.

With Senseez Attachables get a high-quality and safe product that is CE certified and recommended by educational professionals. These pendants are not only functional and effective, but also funny and easy to use. Experience this
calming feeling that these followers convey and let your child focus better and be more relaxed.

Total Senseez Attachables the perfect gift idea for children who need gentle touch and sensory stimulation. These pendants are not only practical, but also unique and wonderfully designed. Improve the well-being of your child and give it with Senseez Attachables a piece of relaxation and joy.

The Senseez Attachables are available in three different versions: turtle, jelly and cow. Each variant has its own unique design and color scheme to meet the needs and preferences of each child. Choose your child's favorite variant and make it feel comfortable with this fun and soothing accessory. Whether at home, at school or on the go, the Senseez Attachables are the perfect choice for those who need gentle touch and sensory stimulation.

approx. 8cm x 8cm, excl. tail / Tentakell


Cover: 100% polyester with polyester fibers. The covers are washable at 30°!
Inner lining: 100% Tyvek polyethylene. Filling: 100% polyurethane foam
Vibration unit: plastic

Age: from 3 years


Data sheet

14 x 6,7 cm without / tail/tentacle

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